Apex Legends Clubs: How to Create, How to Join, Invite, Ranks, Badges & more

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Apex Legends clubs will bring a clan feel to the game as they're added in Season 7.

Clubs will allow friends to come together to form communities, and represent those communities in-game.

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Here's everything you need to know about Apex Legends clubs.

Clubs in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 7 brings tons of new content to the game. One underrated aspect of the new season is the addition of clubs.

Apex Legends Season 7 Trident Location
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SQUAD GOALS: Come together with your Apex Legends club to take down tough matches

Clubs in Apex Legends will function much like a clan, or guild.


Players can be invited to clubs where they can see all members that are on and offline.

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In game, members will sport the club letters before their names to represent their groups.

How to form Clubs

Forming a club in Apex Legends is simple.

Apex Legends Clubs Season 7
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CHOICES: You'll have plenty of choices around clubs in Apex Legends

Simply hover to the Clubs tab at the top of the main menu. From here, you will see two boxes on the right of your screen - Find a Club, and Create a Club.


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Players can only join one club at a time in Apex Legends, so choose wisely.

What can Clubs do?

Apex Legends Clubs will largely be for social purposes. They will group together players like a communal friends list, so you can invite players and see who is online or in game.

There is also a club Chat tab for players to interact outside of parties and matches.

Apex Legends Season 7 Clubs Timeline
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KEEPING UP: The club timeline is important to keep tabs on your allies

Clubs also feature timelines, which show recent events for other club members. This will list when players join, where players place in matches, and more.



Apex Legends clubs will have several different default ranks. These ranks have special priveleges, and cannot be adjusted by players.

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Let's go over the Apex Legends club ranks and their priveleges.

  • Grunt - Grunts can send and receive party invites from other members, and have access to the club chat.
  • Captain - Captains can do all of the above as well as send club invites.
  • Admin - Admins can do all of the above as well as kick Grunts and Captains, promote grunts, change club settings, post announcements, and view complaints.
  • Owner - Each club will have one Owner, the creator unless changed. The Owner can do all of the above as well as promote Captains, and kick any member out of the club.


To show your dedication to your club in Apex Legends, there are also unique badges.

Apex Legends Club Badges
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DEDICATION: Badges show your prowess as an Apex Legends club

These badges show off your clubs skills and experience as a group.