Apex Legends Season 7 LIVE NOW: Release Date, Patch Notes, Trailer, Map, Vehicle, PS5, Xbox Series X, Steam & more!

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Apex Legends Season 7 is the biggest season in the game's history!

Let's go over all of the changes that are now live in the game.

Latest News - Season 7 is LIVE!

Apex Legends Season 7 has officially launched, and players can enjoy all of its new content now.

Season 7 brings a new map, legend and mode of transport, as well as the arrival of Next Gen and Apex on Steam.

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Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass

The latest Season 7 Battle Pass is here as well!

Featuring a host of new cosmetics, the Battle Pass is teeming with content as per usual.

apex season 7 battle pass 1
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NEW CONTENT: The S7 Battle Pass is shaping up to be a belter!

The new Battle Pass even contains brand new exclusive skins for Wraith and Octane.

In addition, new holo-sprays have been added, helping you stand out that little bit more!

Apex Legends Season 7 Trailer

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Season 7 Release Date & Time

Season 7 is now live as of 11pm EST on 4 November!

While this meant a 4am GMT release date for UK players, diehard Apex Legends fans are still up ready to grind it out.

Season 7 Patch Notes

The Apex Legends Season 7 patch notes are huge! Let's dive right in.

  • New legend - Horizon
  • New Map - Olympus
  • New Vehicle - The Trident
  • LTM - Olympus Preview
  • Clubs - join a club with like-minded legends
  • Play on Steam
  • Battle Pass includes skins for Wraith and Octane
apex legends season 7 map
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OLYMPUS: The new map appears to resemble the Millenium Falcon...!
  • Challenges no longer points-based, instead granted between 1-5 stars
  • Quality of Life Updates
  • Map Rotations
  • Legend Meta Changes
  • Weapon Meta Changes
  • Game Meta Changes
  • Bug Fixes

Season 7 New Arrivals

Season 7 has a host of exciting additions, as we've seen from the early patch notes.

Not only will we see a new map, Olympus, a new Legend, Horizon, and the game’s first vehicle, the Trident, but there are also a number of weapon and attachment changes.

apex legends horizon 1
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A LEGEND APPROACHES: Horizon is the latest Legend to join the game

The addition of a Quickdraw’ attachment for the RE-45 and Wingman has players excited, with one Reddit user saying that it will make the guns a “might fine secondary”.

Prowler users may be somewhat hurt, as the Selective Fire Hopup is being removed to make way, but we’re sure players will love the new attachment just as much.

Where to Drop in Olympus

Apex Legends Season 7 introduces a new map, Olympus.

Apex Legends Season 7 Olympus Hydroponics where to drop loot
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CHOOSE YOUR FATE: Hydroponics is a wide area with many areas to loot

With a new map comes a new question - where should players drop to get the best loot?

For players looking to get into the thick of combat, Bonsai Plaza is your best bet. For players looking to take the scenic route, you might consider dropping at Hydroponics.

If you're looking for the most bold and unique start on Olympus, hit The Rift, and teleport across the map at a moment's notice!

Trident Spawn Locations

Apex Legends Season 7 will introduce the first ever vehicle to the game, the Trident.

apex legends season 7 vehicle
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NEW WAYS TO MOVE: Apex Legends has its first vehicle in the Trident!

The Trident is a hover car that has the capacity to fit your entire team.

The Trident is indestructible, but damage to it will distribute to everyone inside.

Despite this risk, the vehicle will be sought for its speed and offensive capabilities!

We go over all of the Trident's spawn locations and where you can find it on Olympus here.

Steam pre-load

The game is also available to pre-load on Steam now.

With cross-progression enabled from the off, users wishing to play the game through Steam can prepare to do so.

Apex Legends steam rewards weapon charms
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CHARMING: These themed weapon charms can be earned by playing Apex Legends on Steam

You can also earn a number of themed cosmetics.

The will be in the form of 3 gun charms from the games Half-Life and Portal.

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