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WWE 2K23 will reportedly stay with 2K, no jump to EA expected yet

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WWE 2K23 is still months away from launch or confirmation, but new reports have revealed more about the future of this franchise.

Here's everything we know so far about WWE 2K23 staying with 2K and the latest on potentially moving the property to EA.

WWE 2K23 reportedly staying with 2K for the foreseeable future

As the time between WWE 2K20 and WWE 2K22 waged on, there was plenty of speculation about the future of the WWE 2K franchise.

This particularly focused at times about whether 2K Sports should continue to retain the WWE sim franchise license, and rumors of the other big contender in sports gaming started to roll out.

We finally got more official reporting about WWE and EA via Mike Straw in a Fightful Select report back in March around the launch of WWE 2K22.

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At that time, Straw reported WWE 2K22 was viewed as "make or break" for the series, and we learned discussions with EA were not a new revelation.

WWE had actually talked to EA prior to their 2016 extension with 2K, and those talks reignited as far back as early 2021 following the failure of WWE 2K20 and lackluster response to WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

WWE 2K22 ended up being a resounding success for both WWE and 2K, and it's one they've continued to tout through earnings calls since it launched.

WWE & 2K partnership to continue for at least "a few years"

According to a new report by Mike Straw with SGO, it looks like that success was enough to keep things steady for the time being.

Straw stated that WWE was "thrilled" with the critical response and sales for WWE 2K22, and considered it a big win for the franchise.

Straw also outlined that, according to a separate source, the current agreement between WWE and 2K isn't set to end any time soon.

In actuality there are "still a few years left" on their current deal, and that could lead to an extension if WWE 2K23 succeeds in the way WWE 2K22 did.

However, things are probably over for WWE 2K Battlegrounds, and one source told Straw that another arcade wrestling game attempt would need to be "completely rebranded and rebuilt."

That may be something they consider more heavily if AEW Fight Forever sees significant success upon release, but only time will tell.

In any case, it looks like WWE won't be sending their flagship series to EA unless things change significantly through the next few years.

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