WWE 2K22 Update 1.08 Patch Notes: Roster support added for new NWO Superstars (March 30)

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Today, the WWE 2K22 Update 1.08 was released, marking its second update in only a few days.

So, what's been changed this time? We've got all the notes that you need to stay up to speed on the new update.

Let's check out the changes after the WWE 2K22 Update 1.08 launch.


WWE 2K22 Update 1.08 is live

If you've launched WWE 2K22, you've probably noticed that there's a new update available. The size is about 514.86, confirmed on Xbox.

Only a few things were released in this hotfix, primarily, roster support for the NWO members that were recently added. There were also some various fixes and improvements we should be notified of soon.

WWE 2K22 Update 1.08
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ANOTHER UPDATE: After just being updated, WWE 2K22 received another patch

Here are the fixes we know about so far with the WWE 2K22 Update 1.08:

  • Provides roster support for added nWo 4-Life Superstars
  • Various fixes and improvement

Some players are experiencing WWE 2K22 server connectivity issues after this update. We'll keep you updated if it becomes a more apparent problem.

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Frequent WWE 2K22 Updates

We actually received another small "hot-fix" update yesterday that we'll detail below. This comes after a string of updates for the game in March.

Although some worry that the lasted WWE 2K22 Update 1.08 proves the game was released unfinished. We think it could be a step in the right direction.

WWE 2K22 Update 1.08
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UNMASKED: Problems are really starting to be unveiled in WWE 2K22

At least with all of these updates, it shows that WWE 2K22 is dedicated to fixing the problems it has.

Here are the patch notes from Update 1.07 in WWE 2K22:

  • Addresses reported concerns of instability resulting from players applying 35 or more custom image renders to original superstars in Create a Superstar.
  • Improves a reported concern that online instability may occur when one or more users has empty custom portraits.
  • Addresses a reported concern of an issue that may occur when a player accepts an online game invite while WWE 2K22 is in a suspended state.

Once the patch notes are released for the WWE 2K22 Update 1.08 we'll go over them below.