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WWE 2K22 Sliders: Best Settings for a Realistic Challenge

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With a new game finally here, you can dive into the WWE 2K22 Sliders and fine-tune this year's version for a more realistic experience.

We've got details on all the WWE 2K22 Sliders you need to adjust for better gameplay balancing and which settings to take a look at.

WWE 2K22 Sliders: Gameplay Balancing for a Realistic Challenge

After a long wait to get a new chapter in this once beloved series, the latest arrival is stepping things up a notch with gameplay, but the WWE 2K22 Sliders can help you fine-tune that experience.

While some of your adjustment in the game should still go towards deciding on a specific difficulty, adjusting sliders can help some players find a better gameplay balance.

WWE 2K22 Sliders
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FIND BALANCE: Tweak the WWE 2K22 Sliders until they're right for you

This is especially helpful if there's a specific aspect you feel is unnecessarily challenging while other parts of gameplay might be too easy.

If you're looking for a change, here are our suggested WWE 2K22 Sliders:

  • AI Standing Strike Reversal Rate: 55
  • AI Standing Grapple Reversal Rate: 25
  • AI Ground Strike Reversal Rate: 40
  • AI Ground Grapple Reversal Rate: 25
  • AI Finisher Reversal Rate: 5
  • AI Foreign Object Attack Reversal Rate: 15
  • Entrance Run-In: 2
  • Mid Match Run-In: 2
  • Post Match Run-In: 2
  • Referee Down Time: 90
  • Basic Reversal Windows: 45
  • Ground Attack Reversal Windows: 65
  • Signature & Finisher Reversal: 35
  • Weapon Reversal: 50
  • Stamina Cost: 50
  • Stamina Recovery Rate: 60
  • Stunned Recovery Rate: 25
  • Rollout Frequency: 50
  • Rollout Duration: 35
  • Stun Gain: 45
  • Stun Duration: 65
  • Vitality Regen Cooldown: 50
  • Vitality Regen Rate: 60
  • AI Difficulty Damage Scaling: 60
  • Drag Escape Difficulty: 45
  • Carry Escape Difficulty: 25

Once you've got these in place, try a few matches and see how things feel before going back in to make further adjustments if you didn't like how one specific aspect of the game played.

Some of this will ultimately come down to personal preference, and it will vary based on your skill level and chosen difficulty, so it can be a process to find the right balance for you.

WWE 2K22 Settings & Options

While most other WWE 2K22 Settings are down to your own personal preference, there are a few we suggest taking a look at and considering depending on how you want the game to feel.

  • Reversal Prompt & Superstar HUD
    • If you would rather the matches look more like they are on TV, and increase the challenge significantly, each of these can be turned off under Presentation in Options.
  • Blood
    • If you turn on Blood in Gameplay Options, it'll allow in-game supestars to start bleeding if enough damage is dealt to the forehead.
  • Watermark Image
    • If you like the look of the WWE Live overlay as if things are broadcasting on TV as you're playing, turn this setting on.
  • Display Referee Counts
    • Turning this off will take away the large "1, 2, 3" count that appears on-screen during pinfalls.

Try these changes, but don't be afraid to swap them back or go with something completely different until you've got just the right WWE 2K22 balance.

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