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WWE 2K22: How to fix if it keeps crashing (Error Code CE-34878-0)

WWE 2K22 keeps crashing for some users, and that's no doubt been frustrating as the game has been available for less than a week.

With a recent update aiming to improve stability, here's the latest on how to fix things if WWE 2K22 keeps crashing or gives you Error Code CE-34878-0.

How to fix WWE 2K22 keeps crashing (Error Code CE-34878-0)

While WWE 2K22 hasn't seem the same level of problems that we saw from WWE 2K20 when that game arrived, big game launches always have some hiccups.

Unfortunately, for some players that's meant that WWE 2K22 keeps crashing. While it doesn't always take too long to get things back up and running, crashing can be increasingly frustrated if you lose progress.

If you've been playing on PS4 or PS5, you may have spotted Error Code CE-34878-0 when WWE 2K22 keeps crashing. That's just a standard PlayStation error code for a game crash, and not actually something specific to WWE 2K22.

WWE 2K22 keeps crashing
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ERROR CODE: This one has been showing up on PS4 after a crash

Based on reports by several players since the game was released, the biggest offenders right now seem to be Universe Mode and the Creation Suite.

Having the ability to build complex custom characters to be used in all these various modes is a challenge, and it's one where it's difficult for developers to truly stress test the title prior to users putting Community Creations through the ringer.

If you're having this problem on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S, we recommend ensuring the game is closed out entirely and then hard restarting your console.

You can do these either by choosing to shut down the console entirely and waiting a moment to start it back up or choosing the restart option, but both should help stabilize things.

If you're having trouble with WWE 2K22 on PC, the possibilities are much more broad and you'll want to try a series of different tactics including checking your graphics drivers, verifying the integrity of game files within Steam, and general PC and graphics card maintenance to determine a cause, but keep in mind these issues could resolve with the next update and may not be entirely caused by your own setup.

When will the next WWE 2K22 update be released?

There's no doubt 2K is well aware of the issues the game is facing at launch, as they've been hard at work with maintenance more than once due to the WWE 2K22 servers going down.

WWE 2K22 Update 1.05 landed back on March 10, but doing quick smaller updates in the immediate days following a launch is not uncommon.

While some fixes may get saved for a larger full update likely to hit late this month or in early April, they will hopefully be dropping a smaller hotfix soon to remedy some of the crashing issues players are facing.

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