WWE 2K22 challenges fans to identify entrances

WWE 2K22 is still at least a few months away, but anticipation is being kept up with frequent behind the scenes videos from developers about the upcoming title.

The latest showcases some of the several thousand animations in the game, and WWE 2K22 has challenged fans to see how many they can recognize.

WWE 2K22 challenges fans to identify entrance animations

WWE 2K22 has made a point in the build to the game's release to pull back the curtain and give fans a glimpse at what the development process has been like.

With WWE 2K20 falling short of expectations and WWE 2K21 getting cancelled, there's significant pressure to help save the gaming franchise with their next release.

The latest behind the scenes glimpse is at some of the various entrance animations that'll be found in WWE 2K22, but they're being performed by a blank model in an empty arena.

Without the superstar's own look or other entrance identifiers like music, video, or lighting, WWE 2K22 has challenged fans to see how many of the animations they can identify.

While a few are pretty quickly recognizable, others have a subtlety and nuance that it would take really knowing those superstars to identify.

WWE 2K22 might be the last chance to save the series

With the pressure on, expectations through the roof, and fans chomping at the bit for a proper game this year, WWE 2K22 may be the last shot at saving the series.

2K Games has struggled over the years with their WWE 2K series, and the mistakes of WWE 2K20 along with the cancellation of WWE 2K21 only exacerbated that issue.

WWE 2K22
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INTO THE FIRE: WWE 2K22 will be tested by the fans

WWE is in flux right now with management changes and multiple firings or releases, and it looks like the WWE 2K series could end up on the chopping block if things don't change.

If the series can succeed this year and prove it's still a profitable and viable venture, this could take a turn for the better, but only time will tell if they pull that off.

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