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*UPDATED* WoW Feast of Winter Veil 2020: Release Date, End Date, Shadowlands, Classic, Rewards, Achievements, Castle Nathria & more

WoW Shadowlands is a massive hit so far, and we'll soon see how one of World of Warcraft's favorite holiday events, Feast of Winter Veil, will work in the new expansion.

As well, the event will return to Classic WoW as well!

Here's what you need to know about Winter Veil 2020 in Shadowlands.

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Latest News - When Will Winter Veil End?

Winter Veil is giving players a nice touch of holiday cheer in the bleak world of Shadowlands.

But when will it end, and how long can players farm the event's content?

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WoW Winter Veil 2020 runs until January 2nd, so you'll have plenty of time over the holidays to get your cosmetic sets, toys, and more!

Feast of Winter Veil is now LIVE!

Feast of Winter Veil has arrived in Shadowlands!

WoW Shadowlands Feast of Winter Veil 2020 Castle Nathria Torghast
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CELEBRATION: Feast of Winter Veil is here!

You can find Feast of Winter Veil NPCs in Torghast, Tower of the Damned, dungeons, and Castle Nathria.

You can also see Castle Nathria bosses in some holiday apparel for the event.

WoW Feast of Winter Veil

The World of Warcraft Feast of Winter Veil is one of many annual seasonal events that offer plenty of rewards for players who complete it.

WoW Feast of Winter Veil 2020 Release Date Quests Rewards
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HOLIDAY CHEER: WoW gets a nice festive feel during Feast of Winter Veil

Like Brewfest, Hallow's End, and other seasonal events, players can earn a range of cosmetic and fun unique items like consumables to celebrate the holidays.

Release Date

The WoW Feast of Winter Veil went live on 16 December. It will run until 2 January, with the Winter Veil Gift-Giving portion of the event starting on 25 December.


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You can enjoy the event now in both Shadowlands and Classic alike!


The Feast of Winter Veil is celebrated all across Azeroth in major cities - and it even has made its way into Torghast, Tower of the Damned and Castle Nathria!

WoW Classic Feast of Winter Veil Release Date Quest Rewards
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ORIGINAL: You can celebrate Feast of Winter Veil in its authentic form in WoW Classic

Players can enjoy the event for a couple weeks before things return to normal.




The Feast of Winter Veil typically offers 2 different pieces of gear, usually a weapon and a trinket, that are reasonable pickups for undergeared players.

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For WoW Shadowlands, if the WoW Christmas event continues the trend - we expect these items will be around 175 Ilvl.


Along with these gear pieces, the Feast of Winter Veil event will also offer a range of Toys.

WoW Feast of Winter Veil Shadowlands Classic
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WONDER: The Feast of Winter Veil includes plenty of splendor

Last year, these toys included Wild Holly, Crashin' Thrashin' Juggernaught, and the Crashin' Thrashin' Battleship.



Each year, World of Warcraft's Feast of Winter Veil offers a unique Achievement. For players chasing as many Achievement Points as they can in WoW, this is an important pickup, as you can only get it during the event.

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The Achievement is usually awarded for completing the Feast of Winter Veil's quests and collecting all of its rewards.

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