Valorant Patch 6.11: Chamber is back while Viper suffers huge nerfs

Valorant agents Viper and Chamber

Valorant agents Viper and Chamber

A new Valorant patch has arrived, and this one will have huge implications on how the game is played.

Patch 6.11 brings some huge changes. Agents, maps, and weapons, all underwent changes. These changes will affect the meta, both in professional play and in ranked.

Chamber buffs and Viper nerfs, are the two most important changes this patch brings to Valorant. The sentinel is once again a viable pick, while Viper will most likely see less playing time. Pearl also underwent some modifications, to make the map less attacking side favourable.

So, without further ado, let's check out Patch 6.11.

Chamber is back while Viper says goodbye in Patch 6.11

After a long period outside of the meta, developers decided it was time to buff Chamber. The agent has been a little more than an afterthought in the last couple of months. Since Chamber teleport and trademark received heavy nerfs, other sentinels such as Killjoy, and Cypher took his place.

However, the changes implemented in patch 6.11, will make sure Chamber is once again a dominant agent.

The Chamber trademark range increased drastically, from 4000 to 5000. The firing rate of his ultimate increased by 15 %, while his Rendezvous equip time after teleporting went from 0.7s to 0s. His trademark arm speed is now faster, only taking 2 seconds.

All these changes make Chamber a reliable pick once again. He now has more flexibility with his setups. Players will also find more success lurking with him.

Valorant Patch 6.11
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But while Chamber is back, Viper might just have dropped a few places in the agents' tier list.

The queen of toxins saw her fuel regeneration be massively decreased. Viper fuel regeneration went from 5% to 3.3% per second. Before, it took 20 seconds for her to regenerate all her fuel, now, it takes 30 seconds.

This change is massive. It forces Viper players to choose carefully when to activate their wall. Since the fuel takes much longer to regenerate, opponents also have a bigger window where attacking the bombsite Viper is defending is much easier.

Viper's ability to lurk is also decreased since her walls don't stay up as long. With this change, we might see other controllers such as Astra and Omen being played instead of Viper.

Pearl receives a much-needed update

Everyone who has played Pearl knows that B site is a heavily attacking favoured bombsite. As a defender, it's very hard to hold the bombsite, and also retake it.

Once the spike is planted, attackers have multiple ways to play the post-plant. This makes the defender's task of retaking feel almost impossible. Because of that, we see teams leaning heavily into the B site, both in ranked and in professional play.

Valorant Pearl Changes
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The B Site Screen on Pearl was adjusted

To make the bombsite easier for defenders to hold, developers added a new cubby in B Hal, removed the attackers' cubby, widened the pillar on B site, and adjusted the B Site Screen and B Ramp Screen.

These changes provide defenders with different ways to hold the site and make it harder for attackers to play the post-plant. Hopefully, this stops Pearl from being just a retake B map.

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