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Best Agent's to Play on Valorant Map, Pearl

Valorant Map Pearl

The newest Valorant map, Pearl, is an underwater city guarded against natural disasters with a huge dome. The peculiar location takes place in the parallel world of Valorant, Omega Earth.

With the tight spaces and narrow corridors, this environment will be trickier to play with certain agents than others. Despite there being more influential and powerful agents, this new map is bringing out agents who are often left behind.

So which agents are the best for this new map, Pearl? Let's find out!


Valorant Agent Killjoy
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In the current Valorant meta, every map is a Killjoy map, as she is the best sentinel in the game. Pearl isn't any different, with the German agent being a must-pick.

Killjoy excels on both the attacking and defensive sides. On the attacking side, she is great at taking solo control of mid, while still holding the flank from A or B with her alarmbot.

Furthermore, Killjoy's utility also makes her very useful in post-plant situations. Her Nanoswarm makes it very difficult for enemies to defuse the spike and can single handily win you rounds.

On defense, Killjoy can easily hold one of the two bombsites by herself. Her traps make it incredibly difficult to enter a bombsite and gain control of it. She can also delay enemy rushes, giving her teammates enough time to rotate and help her.


Skye from Valorant
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Similar to Killjoy, Skye is also one of the best agents in her role. Apart from maps such as Fracture and Haven, where Breach is favoured, Skye is a must-pick agent.

With healing, flashes, and a recon ability, Skye has a very well-rounded kit. This makes her the best initiator for this map, as she can perfectly set up her teammates.

Since Pearl is a small map, her dog is great to clear hard angles and find the enemies' whereabouts.

Her flash is good to set up teammates when they are entering a bombsite. It either forces enemies to retreat or completely flashes them, making them an easy kill. Skye flash can also be used to clear areas where enemies normally play.

Skye's healing ability is great no matter the map, as she can heal multiple allies at once. This ability can be the difference between winning and losing a round since 10 HP can make a huge difference in a gunfight.

All of Skye's abilities are equally useful on the defensive side. She makes retake situations much easier. The amount ot information she can quickly gather allows her allies to quickly rotate or flank the opponents.


Valorant Agent Jett
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Jett is the old reliable duelist agent that you can pick on every map. When it comes to Pearl, she is undoubtedly the best duelist agent. That's mostly because of her ability to play with the operator, which is heavily favoured in this map.

She can hold an angle to the A bombsite entrance or B main with an operator, get a kill, and quickly reposition with her dash. This makes her extremely strong on the defensive side, and forces players to spend a lot of utility to clear her position.

Since Pearl is a small map, she can easily get a pick on B, quickly rotate to A, and catch enemies off guard. This makes her unpredictable and will make opponents doubt every single one of their moves. In their heads, Jett can be just around the next corner.

On the attacking side, she can accelerate the pace of the game. Using her dash to enter the bombsite, and smokes to cover dangerous angles, Jett is great at creating space for her allies.


Valorant Agent Harbor
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Pearl is the map where Harbor truly shines. It seems like his abilities were designed with this map in mind.

His High Tide ability can cover all the entrances to a bombsite and completely block the enemy's vision. Since he can freely manoeuvre High Tide, Harbor can use this ability in many different ways.

Another one of Harbor's abilities which is very useful is Cove. It's perfect to protect allies when planting or defusing the bomb and buys his teammates precious seconds.

Harbor Ultimate is also great to force enemies out of a bombsite, or at least reveal their positions. It can also be used in retake situations.


Viper from Valorant
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Pearl is one of the best Valorant maps to run a double controller composition, and Viper is the perfect agent to pair up with Harbor. They complement each other very well and deliver a very strong one-two punch.

On the defensive side, Viper works more as a sentinel. She can use her Poison Coud on the B entrance to block the enemies' vision and slow down rushes.

The same can be done with her Toxin Screen, which can block the entrance to B Link, Arts, and A main. These abilities are also great when playing retake. Furthermore, Viper can also use her Snake Bites to slow down or even kill enemies.

This makes Viper incredibly strong on the defensive side. A veteran Viper player will make the enemy's task of entering the bombsite near impossible.

On the attacking side, Viper Toxic Screen is great to use on the B bombsite. It completely blocks the enemies' vision and gives allies a safer way to take control of the bombsite, and also plant.

In post-plant situations, Viper Snake Bites will make it almost impossible for defenders to defuse the spike.

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