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Tekken 8 Introduces Series' First French Fighter Victor Chevalier

A screenshot of Victor Chevalier from the "Tekken 8 - Official Victor Chevalier Reveal and Gameplay Trailer" YouTube video.
Credit: Bandai Namco

Tekken 8 has just released a trailer revealing the latest character to join the roster of fighters: Victor Chevalier, the franchise’s first French fighter who brings "refined violence" to the chaos of the battlefield.

According to Victor's official bio, he is the founder of the UN's independent forces, Raven Force, and "a descendant of a lineage of distinguished knights, with a dream to rescue those in need. He followed in the footsteps of his father and enlisted in the French Navy before joining the UN to save more people."

In the trailer, Victor is shown to be acquainted with Raven, one of the newer additions to Tekken 8 and a member of Raven Force. His gameplay is very similar to that of Raven, incorporating teleportation with his own unique twist.

Tekken 8 trailer reveals brand new character, Victor Chevalier, and his gameplay

Donned in a stylish grey suit, Victor Chevalier is an older gentleman who exudes an air of poise and grace. His composed "secret agent" demeanour is reflected in his gameplay — characterised by swift, graceful movements and a diverse array of weapons at his disposal.

In battle, Victor wields a pistol for long-range attacks, dual daggers for rapid strikes, and a flaming laser sword for slashing at extended range.

It's worth noting that, similar to Raven, Victor possesses the ability to teleport. This skill might be a shared trait among the members of the Raven Force.

Below, you can watch the official Victor Chevalier reveal and gameplay trailer:

Vincent Cassel, the famous French actor known for his roles in films like Ocean’s Twelve and Black Swawn, brings his distinctive voice to the character of Victor Chevalier in Tekken 8. Cassel, an avid TEKKEN player since the 1990s, expressed a personal connection to the game, particularly through the character Eddy Gordo who practised capoeira, a martial art form he was familiar with.

What sets Victor Chevalier apart for Cassel is not only his French heritage in the globally recognised Tekken universe, but also the character's embodiment of sophisticated French elegance, reflected in his demeanour and attire. This unique portrayal captivated Cassel, drawing him to embrace the role and lend his voice to Victor's character.

When will Tekken 8 be released?

After torrents of leaks and speculation, Tekken fans finally got the closure they needed. It was confirmed during gamescom 2023 that Tekken 8 is set to be released early next year, on 26 January 2024.

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