Street Fighter 6 Luke Guide: Best combos, move list, and more

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The new face of the Street Fighter franchise, Luke.
Credit: Capcom (Street Fighter 6)

Street Fighter 6 introduced a new character in their fifth instalment, who very quickly became front and centre for the franchise. Find out all there is to know about the up-and-coming face of the iconic fighting title in our Street Fighter 6 Luke guide.

In this article, we will delve into Luke's backstory, give you a rundown of his most common attacking combos, as well as a more in-depth look at his more powerful abilities. He is a popular choice in Street Fighter 6, so it is certainly worth getting to know him.

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Who is Luke?

A screenshot of Luke posing in the Street Fighter 6 official Luke overview trailer.
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Credit: Capcom
SF6 Luke

Inspired by the military heroics of his late father Robert, Luke Sullivan burst onto the Street Fighter scene with his brash and, at times, arrogant nature. After failing to find the satisfaction in life that he sought in the Special Forces, Luke went on to pursue competitive fighting with the blessing of his long-time mentor and fellow Street Fighter member, Guile.

Street Fighter 6 introduced a more mature version of Luke, who is the main protagonist of the game's story, having become a teacher at the Buckler Academy. His time between the two games showed personal growth that coincided with traveling the world and being humbled by his fighting experiences across the globe. He traded his video game references and lack of discipline to form a more respectful and level-headed leader.

Luke's bread and butter combos

Before getting into the in-depth moves that bring Luke to life, take a look at some basic combos you should learn to establish the foundations of a devastating assault.

Note: the numbers indicate the directional button as its positioning on the numerical keypad on a keyboard. For example, 5 is no input, 2 is down, 8 is up, 4 is left, and 6 is right.

Luke Combination Suggestions

  • 2 Medium Punch, Light Kick OR 2 Light Punch
  • 2 Medium Punch, 2 Light Punch, 214 Light Punch
  • Medium Punch x four
  • Jumping Heavy Kick, 2 Heavy Punch, 214 Light Punch (hold), 214 Medium Punch
  • 4 Heavy Punch, 214 Punch
  • Light Punch, Medium Punch, Heavy Punch, 623 Punch, Punch, Punch, Punch
  • 6 Heavy Punch, Heavy Punch, 236 Punch, 236 Kick, Kick, Heavy Punch + Heavy Kick, 236236 Kick
Street Fighter 6 Luke in-game.
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Credit: Capcom
In well-practiced hands, Luke is a problem for any member of the SF6 roster.

Luke's complete move set

Luke's Unique Attacks

Every martial arts arsenal needs a range of attacks, from the most basic to the more devastating. At its base level, Luke has some effective strike weapons that are unique to him. This is how to utilize those combinations.

Unique Attack Description Modern Input Classic Input
RawhideAn overhead punch that cannot be blocked while crouched.6 Medium Attack6 Medium Punch
SuppressorA backward-stepping strike.4 Heavy Attack4 Heavy Punch
Outlaw KickA powerful anti-air strike.N/A4 Heavy Kick
Double ImpactAn effective two-punch combination.6 Heavy Attack, Heavy Attack6 Heavy Punch, Heavy Punch
Triple ImpactAn effective three-strike combination ending in a powerful elbow.Light Attack, Light Attack, Light AttackLight Punch, Medium Punch, Heavy Punch
NosebreakerA devastating combination of punches and kicks.2 Medium Attack, 2 Medium Attack2 Medium Kick, 2 Heavy Punch
Snapback ComboA barrage of attacks in the form of a four-punch combination.Medium Attack + Medium Attack + Medium Attack + Medium AttackMedium Punch + Medium Punch + Medium Punch + Medium Punch

Luke's Special Moves

Each fighter's move sets are unique, which pays homage to the individual personalities of each character and their fighting style. Like the other members of the Street Fighter 6 roster, Luke has a punchy variety of particularly nasty Special Moves that can give him an advantage in combat.

Special Move Description Modern Input Classic Input
Sand BlastFires a shockwave of pressure from your fist that can travel a great distance. Requires 2 Drive Gauge stock.No movement + Special Move236 Punch
Fatal ShotFire an additional shockwave. This can only be done following an Overdrive Sand Blast. Requires 1 Drive Gauge stock.Special Move (after Sand Blast)Punch + Punch (after Sand Blast)ter Sand Blast)
Flash KnuckleDeliver a powerful punch that can be charged. Releasing the button at the flash prompt will further boost the attack. Requires 2 Drive Gauge stock.4 Special Move214 Punch
DDTA powerful wrestling throw activated by pressing the input from the first hit of an Overdrive Flash Knuckle. Requires 1 Drive Gauge stock.Special Move (after Flash Knuckle)Punch + Punch (after Flash Knuckle)
Aerial Flash KnuckleA Flash Knuckle attack performed during a jump. Requires 2 Drive Gauge stock.Special Move (during a jump)214 Punch (during a jump)
AvengerA charge performed in a forward-leaning stance which can be used as a starting point for additional moves. Requires 2 Drive Gauge stock.2 Special Move236 Kick
No ChaserDeliver a powerful tackle following the Avenger.Attack (during Avenger)Punch (during Avenger)
ImpalerSmash your opponent with a powerful overhead kick following the Avenger.2 Attack (during Avenger)Kick (during Avenger)
Rising UppercutExecute an upward punch as you jump. This grants immunity to jumping attacks. Requires 2 Drive Gauge stock.6 Special Move623 Punch
Slam DunkFollowing an Overdrive Rising Uppercut, slam your opponent into the ground for high damage. Requires 1 Drive Gauge stock.Special Move (after Rising Uppercut)Punch, Punch (after Rising Uppercut)

Luke's Super Arts

Super Arts are the pinnacle of offence in Street Fighter 6 and require players to charge up their Super Arts gauges in order to make use of them. Luke has three different Super Arts of varying potency, indicated by the number of Super Art stocks required to use them.

Super Art Description Modern Input Classic Input
Vulcan BlastFire multiple high-speed Sand Blasts. Requires 1 Super Art stock.5 or 6 Special Power + Heavy Attack236236 Punch
EraserDeliver a series of punches followed by a powerful finishing blow that sends the opponent flying. Requires 2 Super Art stock.4 Special Power + Heavy Attack214214 Punch
Pale RiderCharge at the opponent and mount them before unleashing a barrage of powerful punches. Requires 3 Super Art stock.2 Special Power + Heavy Attack236236 Kick

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