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RuneScape Double XP Live COUNTDOWN, Start Date, Time, How to Claim & More

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It is once again time for a Runescape Double XP Live event to take over our lives! Since the shift to this formatting, there is way more time for players to take advantage of the generous boost to experience.

So, if you are closing in on your first level 99 skill, or perhaps even the final one you need, now is the best time to start grinding.

Here's everything you need to know about the Runescape Double XP Live event as we enter the final countdown.

runescape double xp weekend live
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Runescape Double XP Live Start Date & Time

The next Runescape Double XP Live event will start on Friday, 20 May at 12 pm BST / 1 pm CET. There is a timer running in the pre-game lobby but if you can't access the game to find out how long is left to wait, we've got you covered!

Double XP Live Countdown


The event is set to end on Monday, 30 May. If you're unfamiliar with the Double XP Live format, let us explain how it works!

How Double XP Live Works

Since moving away from Double XP Weekends a few years ago, the Live system offers players 48 hours' worth of in-game time with double XP (+20% if you're free-to-play). This starts when you first log in over the event period and pauses whenever you log out.

There are, however, some restrictions and this is the top line on what isn't included in the event:

  • Assist system
  • XP lamps
  • Tomes of experience
  • Ectofuntus
  • Cremation
  • Dragon rider amulet
  • Auto-sanctifiers
  • Brawling gloves
  • Player-owned house altars
  • Wilderness Chaos altar
  • Dungeoneering wildcards
  • Sacred clay
  • Urns
  • Ancient effigies

None of the above methods or strategies will provide the bonus XP and it will instead be awarded at the standard rate. You can check out further niche XP gains that are excluded on the Runescape website.

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