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When is the next RuneScape Double XP Event?

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Runescape's Double XP events are always a pretty exciting time for the game. Giving players an extended period of time to get tonnes of XP in, it's a pretty good way of celebrating all the game has gone through and where it can go in the future.

If you're looking to take advantage of the Double XP event in RuneScape, this is what you should know.

Latest - Next Event Coming Soon?

The most recent Double XP Live event in Runescape took place in August meaning we're surely due for another event before the end of November.

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While there is no fixed calendar for these events, we can typically expect them to take place every three months. This is where our prediction of November could come good!

When is the next Double XP event in RuneScape?

We saw our very last Double XP event of 2021 when the last one ended in November. Over the last few years, there are usually no more than four events per year for obvious reasons, they need to be a big deal!

When looking towards the next event, we guessed we would see it in late February and this turned out to be true. . Since as far back as 2014 there has been a Double or Bonus XP event at this time.

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We usually get plenty of notice when an event is due

Given how the last few events have worked, we wouldn't expect any further changes as Jagex appear to have perfected the formula. Players get 48 hours worth of Double XP time to use over the course of around 10 days.

There was one outlier where the event lasted for 21 days but the 10 day events are more likely to draw big player numbers due to their limited nature.

What Rewards are Available?

Typically, there are daily log-in rewards available during a RuneScape Double XP weekend. Each day when you log in, you receive an item that is linked to the event.

In the past, some of the items that have been available are;

  • Protean Packs (usually Medium)
  • Protean Powerups (speeding up the use of protean items)
  • Pulse Cores
  • Cinder Cores
  • Skill Training Dummies
  • Combat Training Dummies
  • Oddments
  • Variety Packs

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