How to get the Rocket League 2021 NFL Fan Pass Bundle

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Rocket League has been pretty great, as of late, at providing tonnes of new experiences, items and more. With the latest patch notes comes a brand new addition to the game, the Rocket League NFL Fan Pass Bundle. Here's what it is and how to get it.

Rocket League 2021 NFL Fan Pass Bundle Release Date

The NFL pass is scheduled to go live today, September 9th to celebrate the kickoff between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys.

It will last throughout the 2021 NFL season, giving you tonnes of new rewards and skins.



You can buy the pass once for 1000 credits and you will have it all season. You won't need to top up or pay any more for what you have.

You can buy 1100 credits right now for $9.99 though you also unlock credits in the rocket pass so you may have a few spare lying around anyway. It's not a decent price for a season's worth of goodies.

What comes in it?

According to the site, you can expect the following over the coming months:

2021 Kickoff

  • 32 NFL Team Dominus Decals
  • Pigskin Paint Finish


  • 32 NFL Team Octane Decals
  • 32 NFL Team Player Banners
  • 32 NFL Team Antennas

Super Bowl LVI

  • 32 NFL Team Fennec Decals
  • 32 NFL Team Breakout Decals
  • 32 NFL Team Helmet Toppers

As well as this, they are bringing back the Gridiron mode from September 9th till September 15th. This new mode will net you with some nice new gear and new NFL-themed challenges are also making their way to the game which should give you an NFL Topper and NFL Boost.

We will update you right here if anything changes or new challenges come out. We're expecting something interesting over the coming months.