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RLCS Fall Cup: Faze and Furia on top, NRG back, G2 falling short

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RLCS Season 22-23 is well underway, as teams fight for a chance to represent their region at the Fall Major. In the Fall Cup, huge names in Rocket League are competing in a round-robin, so it's the place to be for nail-biter games.

The Swiss stage has wrapped up and we have our contenders for playoffs. Some big names have failed to make the cut, so here's a round-up of everything that's happened so far.

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G2 and Dignitas Failed to make the cut

Despite beating 26 Rising and V1 3-0, the latter of whom did make playoffs, G2 took some heavy losses in the second half of the day. After a tough fight with Furia however, the wind was knocked out of their sails, and they fell to SSG and GenG.

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Dignitas too missed the mark by a small margin. With a new team for his season, hopes were high, but ultimately more experienced teams prevailed. Despite taking V1 to 5 games, NRG and Optic were their downfall.

NRG is finally back to strength

Keeping the same roster was a bold move from NRG after a difficult end to the previous RLCS season, but it's paid off for them at long last. Falling only to Furia, they were still able to take a game, and despatched their remaining opponents in convincing fashion.

NRG is famous for needing some time to ramp up in tournaments. The Swiss stage is often their enemy, but this time they showed up from minute one.

Mist has also proved himself on the Faze Clan Roster. Coming in and replacing Ayyjayy is no easy task, but he was instrumental in Faze Clan's dominance to kick off the RLCS season. His success on EnVy previously has carried over in a huge way.

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