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GenG Rocket League New Team Announcement

GenG Rocket League

RLCS is entering its new season this Fall 2022. A whole year of competitive Rocket League has been announced, and your favourite teams will be battling it out for the ultimate prize very soon.

A new contender is now entering the ring though. You may know GenG from their World Famous League of Legends team, but they are now partnering with Mobil 1 Racing to enter the RLCS scene.

Here's everything we know so far about the new team and their rosters.

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GenG x Mobil 1 Racing

GenG are partnering with Mobil 1 racing to bring us two brand new Rocket League Rosters. GenG Mobil 1 Racing Black is the all women's roster, which will be competing in the Women's Car Ball WCB League.

As with any new roster, GenG Mobil 1 Racing will be fighting through qualifiers this fall, but expect new in-game items and decals to be dropping soon, so you can support the team.

GenG Rocket League Roster

The mens roster has already been announced, and features some big names. Taking to the field we will see:

  • Noly
  • ApparentlyJack
  • Chronic

And they will be joined by streamers, Widow and Nathan Stanz.

ApparentlyJack is coming from the now disbanded Dignitas team, and has several major top 3 finishes to his name. Expect this team to be able to compete with the best this fall if the synergy is there from the outset.

RLCS trophy
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GenG is the latest in a string of brand new big names coming into this season of RLCS, and we can be certain that the Fall major will be one of the most competitive we have ever seen.

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