What should you sell in Resident Evil Village?

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The Duke and his shop of things is an important part of Resident Evil Village.

You'll be able to buy new weapons, upgrade your gear, and stock up on consumables like ammunition and first aid kits.

However, you'll need to sell some things to have enough Lei to buy the biggest and best gear.

We've got the answer to what you you should sell in Resident Evil Village and what you should do with valuables and weapons.

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What Should You Sell in Resident Evil Village?

In short, you should sell anything you do not need or aren't using. Don't like a weapon or attachment and never use it, get rid for something a bit more useful.

If you think the fee The Duke is offering for something is fair, sell. Why not?

Selling Valuables

In terms of what we'd recommend selling, you should sell anything that's classed as 'Valuable' only. You should see that under the item's description in the Duke Purse section of the shop, as you can see below.

sell, valuables, resident evil village
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Valuables have no other use other than being worth money. You can sell them without any worry.

If you see one that is classed as 'Valuable/Combinable', that means the second part of the object is still out there to be found. If you find both parts and combine them, the item will be worth a lot more money.

Should You Sell Weapons?


Once you get to the later stages of Resident Evil Village's story, once you head to Heisenberg's Factory area, you'll be able to buy an improved shotgun from The Duke, as well as some other improved pieces of gear.

If you can buy the new options and aren't going to use the old ones, you might as well sell.

After all, you can always buy weapons back if you change your mind. However, they'll be more expensive than what you sold them for.