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How to Unlock Duke's Kitchen in Resident Evil Village

A cool way to upgrade yourself in Resident Evil Village is to cook dishes that provide permanent stat boosts.

However, while you'll notice animals roaming around and will be able to kill them to get their meat, it's not immediately clear how you actually cook with the ingredients.

To help you out, we've got a guide on how to unlock Duke's Kitchen and cook in Resident Evil Village.

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How to Unlock Duke's Kitchen

Essentially, you need to play through Ethan's story until you start spotting animals roaming the game's map.

You'll probably spot chickens first, around the church section of the village area.

Then, once you've collected your first ingredient, head back the The Duke where the Altar is and he should introduce you to his Duke's Kitchen section.


How to Cook

Once you've got access to Duke's Kitchen in Resident Evil Village, you'll have access to various dishes to cook.

Each one has different affects, such as permanent puffs to health and damage taken while guarding.

Now, select the dish you want to make, select how many of each ingredient you want to use from what you've collected, and then the dish will cook in a few seconds.

Whatever you make will be eaten automatically and a notice will pop up to say what the status affects are.

Selling Ingredients

If you're not interested in the upgrades that the meals grant, you can always sell the ingredients to The Duke for some Lei to spend on new weapons or consumables.

However, we wouldn't recommend it. All of the buffs are worth having, so be sure to use them when you can, even if you're not interested in searching for all the animals.

I went through the whole game on Normal difficulty without cooking once, so it's certainly not a must.