Best Running Gel 2022: Best Energy Supplements For Training

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When searching for the best running gel, it can be a little tricky at times to figure out what ingredients you need to maximise your performance.

Thankfully, we've done some of the hard work for you by compiling a list of our top picks, based on nutrition, price, and reviews, to kick off your search in the best way possible.

From gels containing caffeine, like the SIS Energy Caffeine Gels, to caffeine-free alternatives, like the Gatorade Endurance Energy Gels, we've got everything you need to find the perfect supplement right here.

Best Running Gel


Best All-Round Running Gel - SIS Isotonic Energy Gels

Best running gel Science In Sport product image of 6 different flavoured gels.
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Credit: Science In Sport
Brand: Science In Sport | Carbs: 22g | Sugar: <1g | Calories: 90

The SIS Isotonic Gels are one of the most popular energy supplements on the market and are used by a number of professional athletes to maximise their performance.


SIS boasts its gels are fast-acting and long-lasting due to being made from 22g of carbohydrates, helping you stay fueled during your workouts.

On top of that, each Isotonic Gel contains less than 1g of sugar, designed to prevent you from crashing and, subsequently, keep your energy levels high.

All in all, we feel the SIS Isotonic Gels are a well-rounded option to consider to keep you going in your best running shoes.

Best Tasting Running Gel - TORQ Gel

Best running gel TORQ product image of a pack of raspberry ripple flavoured gels.
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Credit: TORQ
Brand: TORQ | Carbs: 29g | Sugar: 11g | Calories: 114

The TORQ Gel looks to be a great-tasting energy supplement due to the wide variety of flavours available including raspberry ripple and rhubarb custard.


Within each packet, TORQ Gel boasts 30g of fast-delivering carbohydrates and 5 key electrolytes to enhance hydration.

Moreover, it's worth pointing out that these gels are vegan, thus making them a great pick for fulfilling a plant-based diet and keeping you energised whilst running.

Best Caffeine-Free Running Gel - Gatorade Endurance Energy Gels

Best running gel Gatorade product image of 4 different flavoured pouches.
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Credit: Gatorade
Brand: Gatorade | Carbs: 20g | Sugar: 6g | Calories: 80

Gatorade Endurance Energy Gels are said to be specifically formulated to help meet endurance athletes’ needs, without added caffeine.


They contain a total of 80 calories which include 20g of carbohydrates to provide you additional energy for endurance training and racing.

Within each 12 packet box, you get 3 pouches of 4 different flavours - Blackberry, Apple Pear, Vanilla, and Mango.

On the whole, these Gatorade Endurance Gels look to be well worth considering if you're searching for a caffeine-free energy supplement.

Best Running Gel For Marathons - Lucozade Sport Dual-Fuel Energy Gels

Best running gel Lucozade product image of singular blue orange flavoured pouch.
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Credit: Lucozade
Brand: Lucozade | Carbs: 30g | Sugar: 10g | Calories: 123

Used by the England football team, these Lucozade Sport Dual-Fuel Gels seem to be a great choice for endurance workouts like marathons.


This is mainly due to the highly impressive 30g of carbohydrates contained within each 45g sachet.

Furthermore, Lucozade boasts its gels are easy to consume on the go, especially as they are the same orange flavour as the highly popular Lucozade Sport drink.

Ultimately, for endurance training, you probably won't find many better energy supplements than these Lucozade Sport Dual-Fuel Gels.

Best Caffeine Running Gel - SIS Energy Caffeine Gels

Best running gel Science In Sport product image of 30 brown and black pouches.
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Credit: Science In Sport
Brand: Science In Sport | Carbs: 22g | Sugar: 10g | Calories: 85

As their double expresso flavour suggests, these SIS Energy Gels contain 75mg of caffeine for an extra boost while exercising.


On top of that, you get 22g of carbohydrates to supplement and replenish your energy stores during endurance training.

It's also worth mentioning that the SIS Energy Gels are vegan and gluten-free, so should suit a whole range of dietary requirements.

Overall, these caffeine-infused SIS Energy Gels should be well worth considering if you're on the hunt for an energy boost during your workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Running Gels

With so many different running gels available, you probably have a number of questions about them and their ingredients, but don't worry because we're here to clear up some of the most common queries.

What Is The Purpose Of A Running Gel?

Whilst running, your body uses two sources to fuel your muscles - fat and carbohydrates.


As fat is slower to break down, your body tends to rely more on your carbohydrate stores which can quickly run out during long-distance events.

Therefore, the main reason endurance athletes consume energy or running gels is to replenish their depleted carbohydrate stores whilst training or competing.

When Should You Use Running Gel?

While there is no one set rule for when you should use and take a running gel, you want to ensure you're only using them for serious endurance events.

A general tip is to take a gel 60-75 minutes into a run which gives a good indication as to how long your training should be to justify taking them.

Once you take one, we'd recommend waiting at least 45 minutes before consuming another if you plan on taking multiple during your run.

Are Running Gels Worth It?


This will depend on whether you participate in endurance running regularly.

If you simply run a 5-10K when you exercise, then consuming a running gel halfway through probably won't be hugely beneficial.

A running gel starts to become more of a necessity when you begin to reach marathon-type distances as it can help to replenish your glycogen and calories burnt whilst running.

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