Best football cleats under 100: Top picks for every position

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With a wide variety of manufacturers to choose from, finding the best football cleats under 100 pounds or dollars can be a little tricky at times.

Fortunately, we're here to help with our list of top budget picks which we've selected using price, reviews, and, perhaps most important of all, any advanced technology designed to take your football game to the next level.

With football cleat technology constantly improving, there's no shortage of great options for us to choose from. As a result, we've managed to pick out a selection of cleats to suit all kinds of different positions on the field.

Whether you're after simply after some of the best football cleats around in these Nike Vapor Edge Sharks, or you're searching for something more supportive, like these adidas Freak X Carbon Mids, then we've got you covered.

Best Football Cleats Under 100


Best all-round football cleats under 100 - Nike Vapor Edge Shark

Best football cleats under 100 Nike product image of a black and white cleat.
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Brand: Nike | Material: Synthetic | Closure: Lace-Up

These Nike Vapor Edge Sharks look to be an excellent pick for both training and for competitive games.


What we like about these cleats is that they've been designed to be versatile and durable thanks to their strong but lightweight synthetic uppers which should fit tight to your feet to minimise the chance of you slipping on the field.

Moreover, these cleats boast Nike's Fastflex technology, allowing you to move more freely which, with the addition of the aggressive rubber outsole, should help with explosive speed off the mark.

Ultimately, we feel it's hard to look past the Nike Vapor Edge Shark if you're after a well-rounded football cleat for both training and game day.

Best football cleats under 100 for beginners - Under Armour Spotlight Franchise RM

Best football cleats under 100 Under Armour product image of a black cleat with white details.
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Under Armour
Brand: Under Armour | Material: Synthetic | Closure: Lace-Up

If you're just getting into America football and you're looking for something relatively inexpensive to get you started, then the Under Armour Spotlight Franchise RM could be the cleat for you.


Firstly, Under Armour boasts that the 5/8th collar height provides the perfect blend of speed and support, which is ideal as a beginner when you're trying to find your feet and are unsure of where your strengths lie

Furthermore, you get a full-length EVA midsole for improved underfoot cushioning which should, therefore, enhance comfort during a game as the extra padding absorbs any shock from high-impact collisions.

All in all, we feel the Under Armour Spotlight Franchise RM is a great cleat to consider if you're just beginning your American football journey.

Best football cleats under 100 for speed - Nike Vapor Edge Speed 360

Best football cleats under 100 Nike product image of a black cleat with a white Swoosh.
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Brand: Nike | Material: Fabric | Closure: Lace-Up

Back to Nike and its Vapor Edge Speed 360 football cleat which, as its name suggests, is built for explosive all-round speed.


Nike achieves this by manufacturing these boots out of a lightweight fabric across the upper, and then covers them in a NikeSkin overlay for added durability and comfort.

Underfoot, you get a separate internal plate that sits closer to your foot for more flexible support, plus a wide stud placement, designed to help you make quick cuts and darting runs.

On the whole, if you're game is based around speed, then we feel the Vapor Edge Speed 360 is definitely one to take into consideration.

Best football cleats under 100 for support - adidas Freak X Carbon Mid

Best football cleats under 100 adidas product image of a black and blue cleat with white adidas stripes.
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Brand: adidas | Material: Mesh and Synthetic | Closure: Lace-Up

adidas is one of the biggest sporting brands in the world, and its Freak X Carbon football cleat looks to be a great example of its expertise.


What we like about this boot, in particular, is that it comes with a breathable mesh upper which has the added benefit of being flexible to accommodate wider feet.

On top of that, you get adidas' IronSkin plus RazorFrame across the shoe's body to stiffen the Freak X Carbon for added protection and pressure resistance.

It's also worth pointing out you get internal cushion pods on the tongue to help ensure a secure lockdown, which is another reason why we think these cleats are worth considering.

Best football cleats under 100 for linemen - Nike Force Savage Pro 2

Best football cleats under 100 Nike product image of a singular black and white cleat.
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Brand: Nike | Material: Synthetic | Closure: Lace-Up and Strap

Linemen are typically known for their bursts of speed and quick, twisting moves so require a boot that offers fantastic traction with some extra ankle stability.


Fortunately, the Nike Force Savage Pro 2 ticks those boxes with Nike's FastFlex outsole for speed and comfort, which then teams up with the ankle strap for added support and secure lock-in.

Additionally, the Force Savage Pro 2 comes with a TPU-injected, lightweight plate with a 19-teeth cleat plate on the sole, designed to give you more traction and grip.

All in all, these cleats are engineered for the front line and are made by one of the leading manufacturers in sports equipment, hence why we think they're well worth considering to take your game to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions About Football Cleats Under 100

With so many football cleats available, you may have a few questions about what makes each of them stand out, but don't worry because we're here to clear up a few of the most common queries.

What's The Difference Between American Football Cleats And Soccer Boots?

There are huge differences between various sports which is why the footwear you wear changes for each of them.


This is the same with football boots and American football cleats.

If you look at our list of the best football boots, you'll probably notice that they tend to be low cut and don't include a midsole to help maximise ball control and speed.

By comparison, American football cleats can be low, medium, or high and tend to have thicker outsoles and a stud near the big toe for added traction when you accelerate from a static position.

Do Football Cleats Come With Different Studs?

Much like soccer boots, football cleats come with a variety of studs depending on the surface you play on.

For example, you can often choose between detachable studs or moulds depending on your preference if you normally play on grass fields.

Detachable studs are normally slightly longer, provide better traction, and are easier to clean, however, moulds often require less maintenance and are normally associated with increased speed.

You can also find football cleats for artificial surfaces. These tend to come with rubber soles with the outdents providing the grip instead of the studs.


What Size Football Cleats Should You Get?

Cleats are designed to fit snuggly around your feet to reduce slipping, but shouldn't be so tight that you can't feel your toes in them.

We'd recommend leaving about a finger's width of space between your longest toe and the end of your cleat to ensure the ideal lock-in.

With that being said, football cleats should fit true-to-size, but it may be worth measuring your foot's dimensions and comparing your results to a size guide or chart for added peace of mind.

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