Siege Doktor's Curse 2021: Latest Halloween event starts in-game

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We're no stranger to a Halloween event at this stage, but Rainbow Six Siege's 2021 offering isn't something we've seen for some time. The Doktor's Curse is back and we can't wait to jump into this spooky new limited-time event. Here's what we know about what time the Doktor's Curse is due to start.

UPDATED - It's time to go, Exterminators!

Doktor's Curse has just started in Rainbow Six Siege and it's time for the Monsters to come out to play - and run and hide from the Exterminators!

The new Hide and Seek LTM should be available to play right now and all the cosmetics should not be available to purchase. There's going to be a lot to do between now and November 2nd, good luck!


START TIME - Doktor's Curse is coming...

Ubisoft has announced that Siege's Doktor's Curse event is due to start on October 12th - however, a specific start time has not been offered for this year's Doktor's Curse.


That doesn't mean we can't hazard a guess, though. Rainbow Six Siege updates usually drop at the same time and, looking at the last several updates, we're expecting the Doktor's Curse event to begin at these times:

  • PC - Steam, Stadia, etc
    • 06:00 PST
    • 09:00 EST
    • 14:00 BST
  • Xbox - Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
    • 07:00 PST
    • 10:00 EST
    • 15:00 BST
  • PlayStation - PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4
    • 08:00 PST
    • 11:00 EST
    • 16:00 BST

The Crystal Guard update was released for Siege at the times specified above, however, the Containment Event started at 07:00 PST / 10:00 EST / 15:00 BST on all platforms. This means we should expect to see the event start at the same time on all platforms, but it could also be staggered like a seasonal update.

WHAT TO EXPECT - Doktor's Curse is a strange LTM

Much like last time, Doktor's Curse tasks a team of Exterminators to hunt and eliminate a team of Monsters. The Exterminators are equipped with a Breaching Hammer and a few gadgets while the Monsters have to rely on environmental traps and unique abilities to stay alive.

It's more a game of cat and mouse than anything, but the Exterminators can be eliminated - thus, it's basically a spookier variant on the standard Siege format.

The Halloween version of the Theme Park map, which is where Doktor's Curse is played, has been updated since we last saw Doktor's Curse in-game and there's a couple of new Operators joining the fight - Aruni, Lion, Jackal, and Melusi.

Siege Doktor's Curse Start Time Aruni
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TERRIFYING - Aruni is a plant-based nightmare

Rainbow Six Siege's Doktor's Curse event is going to introduce a new set of Halloween-themed cosmetics to the store, purchasable via R6 Credits, and there's a few Weekly Challenges for you to tackle. On the whole, it's exactly what you expect from a Siege Halloween event.