Siege Doktor's Curse 2021: How does the new Hide and Seek game mode work?

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Rainbow Six Siege's next event-limited game mode is coming soon and we can't wait to jump back into Doktor's Curse - a Halloween game mode that first popped up during Operation Ember Rise. The new game mode coming to Siege with Doktor's Curse - Hide and Seek - is a little odd, though. Here's everything you need to know about it.

HIDE AND SEEK - How does it work?

The Doktor's Curse game mode is a unique Hide and Seek PvP mode that pits a team of Exterminators - also known as Hunters - against a team of Monsters.


Unlike the standard Siege gameplay, the objective of this game mode is a little warped.

If you're on the Exterminators (Hunters) team, you're the Attackers in this scenario. Your goal is to hunt the Monsters and kill them within the time limit. If you're on the Monsters team, you're the Defenders and your goal is to survive the Round Timer.

What makes this one a bit different is that no one has any weapons - well, traditional Siege weapons, anyway. The Exterminators are given a modified version of Sledge's Sledgehammer and several unique tracking abilities. Meanwhile, the Monsters have access to an ability called Nightstride - this makes them temporarily invisible and offers increased movement speed.

Siege new Halloween game mode Doktor's Curse
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THE CURSE RETURNS - This is going to be a lot of fun...

It's an extreme game of cat and mouse played on a variant of Siege's Theme Park map - as you might imagine, it's designed to be a lot spookier than the original map's appearance. We don't know if the layout will be different, but expect it to be for the Doktor's Curse event.

In addition to this, it's worth noting that there's going to be the following selection of Operators to choose from - Ubisoft has only confirmed these at the moment:

  • Exterminators
    • Jackal
    • Lion
    • Sledge
  • Monsters
    • Ela
    • Frost
    • Lesion
    • Kapkan
    • Smoke
    • Aruni
    • Melusi