V10 R-League Week 5 Preview: Crunch time for playoff hopefuls

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The final week of group stage action is here for the V10 R-League, and there is still plenty to play for!

Some big names are teetering on the verge of elimination and desperately need to secure points this week to get into the playoffs.

Meanwhile, other teams are just relishing their role as spoiler. So who will get the result they need? Let’s take a look!

Williams vs Fordzilla

Monday, 10 May - BT Sport 2, 8pm BST - ESPN3, 6pm EST

The first matchup of the week is a winner-takes-all affair in Group B. Williams was stunned by McLaren and BMW in their last two matches, and Fordzilla has quietly been accumulating points.

A 3-1 win for Fordzilla would see them shock the world and knock Williams out of the V10 R-League, but can they get it done?

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Williams is on shaky ground but should have enough pace to at least pick up two points from this one. But don’t write Fordzilla off. They have executed a good, physical, style of driving this season to get the most out of their team. They could easily rattle Williams in this one.

Prediction: Williams 4-0 Fordzilla

Redline vs Aston Martin

Tuesday, 11 May - BT Sport 2, 3pm BST - ESPN3, 6pm EST

This battle is for the Group A title and that bye straight to the Semi-Final. Redline lead the way with 10 points atop Group A, two clear of Aston Martin.

That’s a big gap to overcome, especially as the tie-breaker is in favour of Redline, so Aston Martin would need at least a 3-0 win.

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Stranger things have happened though. Aston Martin has massively upped their pace this season, with Lucas Blakeley, Daniele Haddad, and Shanaka Clay all performing exceptionally well.

The Redline trio of Enzo Bonito, Michal Smidl, and Jeffrey Rietveld has looked unshakeable so far, but if anyone can rattle them is it Aston Martin with their raw pace.

Prediction: Redline 2-2 Aston Martin

Red Bull Racing vs R8G Esports

Wednesday, 12 May - BT Sport 2, 3:30pm BST - ESPN3, 6pm EST

Red Bull come into this matchup knowing exactly what they need to do. A 3-1 win over R8G will put them into the playoffs over YAS Heat. Anything less and the Bulls will be going home.

That should be possible, as R8G has struggled with consistency and raw pace this season, but then so has Red Bull.

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If Graham Carroll and Joni Tormala can conjure up some magic this week then Red Bull can head into the playoffs and cause problems for any team.

Prediction: Red Bull Racing 3-1 R8G Esports

McLaren Shadow vs JAESA Suzuki

Thursday, 13 May - BT Sport 3, 3pm BST - ESPN3, 6pm EST

McLaren need just two points from this match to secure the Group B title and the bye to the Semi-Final.


Coming off a huge 4-0 win over BMW, they will be brimming with confidence and have all the pace in the world needed to dispatch JAESA Suzuki.

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The Italians have been a wildly entertaining bunch this season, with Giovanni De Salvo being one of the most aggressive overtaking drivers in the series. That won’t be enough against the McLaren trio though.

Prediction: McLaren Shadow 4-0 JAESA Suzuki

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