Need For Speed: New NFS “Heat” announced

A new trailer from the legendary street racing series is here, with more to come at Gamescom.

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Some games just stick in the memory. Need For Speed Underground 2 is one of them.

It’s one of the most lauded and beloved racing games ever made and is well remembered even 15 years on from its release.

So when the name reemerges in a hot year for racers it is something to celebrate.

Need For Speed Heat

We thought racing game announcements were done for the year. That WRC 8 and GRID would close out the year with a bang, but we were wrong.

Coming down the road, with headlights blazing and the engine roaring is a brand new Need For Speed dubbed “Heat”.

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What do we know so far?

We haven’t heard from the Need For Speed series since 2017 and Need For Speed Payback which received horrible user reviews.

The EA franchise has been struggling to make much noise, trading off nostalgia in recent years. While movies like “The Fast & The Furious” cashed in on the street racing buzz of the early 2000s, the NFS brand has faded somewhat, thanks in no small part to the terrible film of 2014.

But now it’s back, in a year where F1 2019, MotoGP 19, WRC 8, and GRID have created an energy around racing games that hasn’t been seen for a while.

The trailer shows what you would expect from a Need For Speed game. Fast cars, police chases, and insane crashes.

It also flexes some customisation muscles and perhaps takes a few digs at racing series that control what the player can experience, rather than allowing them to create.

The Heat name, as well as the logo, hints at Miami and South Florida as a key location to this title, but other than that the cards are being kept close to the chest on this one.

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Release date

Need For Speed Heat is slated for release on 8 November, with early access to those on Origin Access Premier on 5 November. It will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC with pre-order bonuses for the deluxe edition too…

Deluxe Edition Pre-Order Bonuses

  • K.S Edition starter car
  • Three additional K.S Edition cars unlocked through progression
  • Four exclusive character outfits 
  • REP Boost
  • Bank Boost

More information is expected at Gamescom in a few weeks time, with a new gameplay trailer coming in a few days! Keep your eyes peeled for it!


Toby Durant