F1 2019 Game: New Balance F1 Pro Series Grand Final Preview

The three final races will take place in London, but who will take home the $500,000 prize pool?

The 2019 F1 New Balance Esports Pro Series live Grand Final is set to take place this week at the Gfinity Arena in London.

The final race event of the season commences on Wednesday, as the climax of the biggest ever season of F1 esports comes to a close.

The Drivers’ Championship is super tight going into the finale, with Frederik Rasmussen (Red Bull), Jarno Opmeer (Renault) and Daniel Bereznay (Alfa Romeo) all having a mathematical chance of catching David Tonizza (Ferrari) at the top of the standings coming into the event.

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With two-time defending champion Brendon Leigh out of contention, we are set to see a brand-new Driver Champion for the first time.

As for the Teams’ Championship, four of the official F1 Esports teams (Red Bull Racing Esports, Ferrari Driver Academy Hublot Esports Team, Renault Sport Team Vitality and Alfa Romeo Racing F1 Esports Team) all head into the Grand Final with a shot of claiming their first ever title.

At the Gfinity Arena, three races will take place – Suzuka (Japan), Austin (USA) and Interlagos (Brazil).

Just like the real life F1 format, 25 points is available for each race – meaning any racer within 75 points Ferrari’s David Tonizza can catch the 17-year-old Italian.

The total prize pool is $500,000 – so plenty is on the line for these sim racers.

Current New Balance F1 Esports standings

Current Driver Standings

  1. David Tonizza – Ferrari – 146 pts
  2. Frederik Rasmussen – Red Bull – 120 pts
  3. Jarno Opmeer – Renault – 103 pts
  4. Daniel Bereznay – Mercedes – 93 pts
  5. Marcel Kiefer – SportPesa Racing Point – 60 pts
  6. Brendon Leigh – Mercedes – 56 pts
  7. Bono Huis – McLaren – 55 pts
  8. Tino Naukkarinen – Williams – 46 pts
  9. Joni Tormala – Red Bull – 43 pts
  10. Cedric Thorne – Renault – 38 pts
  11. Salih Saltunc – Alfa Romeo – 34 pts
  12. Alvaro Carreton – Williams – 27 pts
  13. Enzo Bonito – McLaren – 26 pts
  14. Nicolas Longuet – Red Bull – 18 pts
  15. Patrik Holzmann – Toro Rosso – 11 pts
  16. Daniele Haddad – SportPesa Racing Point – 11
  17. Floris Wijers – Haas – 8 pts
  18. Patryk Krutyj – Mercedes – 6 pts
  19. Simon Weigang – Haas – 4 pts
  20. Cem Bolukbasi – Toro Rosso – 4 pts
  21. Manuel Biancolilla – Toro Rosso – 1 pts
  22. Martin Stefanko – Haas – 0 pts
  23. Lucas Blakely – SportPesa Racing Point – 0 pts
  24. Amos Laurito – Ferrari – 0 pts
  25. Jan Fehler – Haas – 0 pts
  26. Isaac Price – Williams – 0 pts
  27. Gianfranco – Ferrari – 0 pts
  28. Daniel Shields – Mercedes – 0 pts

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