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Is Horizon Forbidden West going to be on PS4?

There's no doubt that Horizon: Forbidden West is one of the most anticipated games set for release in 2022 - at least of those with a release date, anyway - but will PS4 owners be left out in the cold come release day?

Given that the first title pushed the boundaries of the console, will the sequel even be able to run on the system without major issues or drawbacks? Here's what we know...

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Is Horizon: Forbidden West going to be on PS4?

Yes! Horizon: Forbidden West will launch on the PS4 day and date with the PS5 version. So far, there are no indications of performance issues on last-gen systems but we hardly believe Sony or Guerilla Games would advertise this ahead of time.

The delay that was announced back in August 2021 was likely in relation to the games' general readiness heading towards what was the proposed release window of 'late-2021'. Either way, we're glad the decision was made to delay the game and can only hope it was enough to achieve everything they wanted prior to release.

Is there an Upgrade Fee for PS5?

There was a proposed upgrade fee for both retail and digital editions of the PS4 version of Horizon: Forbidden West. This fee would sit around the £/$10 mark and upgrade your copy to one for the PS5.

This was met with a swift and furious backlash that saw the upgrade fee scrapped but not how people imagined. Sony took a very clear stance saying that the outrage might have worked for Horizon: Forbidden West, but everyone should be prepared to pay the upgrade fee for future PlayStation Exclusive titles that are available on both PS4 and PS5.

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This does mean that you can purchase a copy of Horizon: Forbidden West for the PS4, put it in your PS5, then play the upgraded version at no additional cost. What's strange is that Sony is still insistent on retailing the game at £69.99 on PS5 and £59.99 on PS4.

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