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Horizon Forbidden West: Is There a Difficulty Trophy?

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Much like Zero Dawn's, Horizon Forbidden West's trophy list is a fun one, with the right level of challenge. However, the game can be pretty tricky in parts, particularly when it comes to the boss fights towards the end of the game. When you first start, though, you'll be choosing a difficulty, and if you're after the Platinum, you'll want to know if there's a difficulty trophy in Horizon Forbidden West. We have the details for you.

All Difficulty Levels in Horizon Forbidden West

There are more difficulty levels than many other RPGs in Horizon Forbidden West, and you don't have to beat the game once to unlock them. They are:

  • Custom
  • Story
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Very Hard

On the Custom and Story modes, you can change settings like whether Aloy takes damage, if healing is automatic, and if looting is automatic. They're great options for when you just want to grind XP or hunt for machine parts.

horizon forbidden west, difficulty trophy
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Thankfully, you can change difficulty whenever you want if you're after an easier time or want to grind without having to worry.

Is There a Difficulty Trophy in Horizon Forbidden West?

In short, no there is no difficulty trophy in Horizon Forbidden West, so you don't have to worry about your choice from the start of the game, and you can change the difficulty whenever you want if you're struggling with it.

When it comes to story based trophies, there are some, which are granted for simply hitting milestones in the story quests, but they aren't tied to a difficulty.

Therefore, jump in and play on whatever difficulty you feel most comfortable with. You won't be punished for any choice, whether you want a challenging or easy time with Horizon Forbidden West.

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