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17 Aug 2020

*BREAKING* PES 2021 Editions: How to get your hands on high-rated ICONIC Moment players

*BREAKING* PES 2021 Editions: How to get your hands on
high-rated ICONIC Moment players

Check out how to get your hands on one of the absolute best players available on Konami’s new game.

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How to get them

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Lionel Messi

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David Beckham

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Oliver Kahn

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Cristiano Ronaldo

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Dennis Bergkamp

PES 2021 is set for release next month, and there are already top players available on myClub!

Keep reading to find out more!

How to get them

Purchase the Club editions of PES 2021, it is that easy!

If you are a myClub fan and are looking to play PES 2021, then a high-rated Iconic Moments player is the perfect way to start.

Lionel Messi 97 ratings min 1

LEVEL UP! Messi will be a class above the competition

The PES 2021 Season Update comes with club editions, with Barcelona and Arsenal among the clubs available.

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Lionel Messi

Get your hands on a 97-rated Lionel Messi on myClub!

The 97 rating comes from his Iconic Moment when he scored a scintillating solo goal way back in 2007.

Lionel Messi Iconic Moment min 1

DAZZLING! Messi's Iconic Moment is one of his most memorable goals

The Argentine superstar boasts 99 Dribbling and 98 Ball control to strike fear into the opposition.

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With pace and skill in abundance, you can build your team around him from the beginning.

David Beckham

Time to get excited Manchester United fans!

With the Manchester United club edition of PES 2021, you will receive a 96-rated David Beckham.

David Beckham Iconic Moment min 1

LEGEND! Beckham is one of the most iconic footballers of all time

The former England captain has a massive 99 rating for Place Kick and Curl.

Beckham was renowned for his ability from set-piece situations and will surely be your choice anywhere near the penalty area.

Oliver Kahn

The Bayern club edition of PES 2021 comes with a 95-rated Oliver Kahn.

The German keeper spent 14 years at Bayern, becoming a club legend along the way.

Oliver Kahn Iconic Moments min 1

99 PLEASE! Kahn's goalkeeping stats are insane

Kahn also made 86 appearances for the national team too!

With 99 attributes across the board, Khan will certainly be a tough goalkeeper to beat.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who else but Cristiano Ronaldo.

With the Juventus club edition of PES 2021, you can secure a 96-rated version of the Portuguese forward.

Cristiano Ronaldo Iconic Moment min 1

GOALS! One thing Ronaldo will guarantee your myClub team is goals

With great speed, jump and shooting abilities, CR7 can be the man to lead your front line.

There will not be many better than Ronaldo on PES 2021.

Dennis Bergkamp

Last but by no means least.

Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp is the final Iconic Moment player available when purchasing the Arsenal club edition of PES 2021.

Dennis Bergkamp PES 2021 Iconic Moment min 1

STAY IN CONTROL! Bergkamp will rarely lose the ball with his 99 Ball Control and Tight Possession stats

With countless skills and excellent attacking stats, Bergkamp is sure to be a handful on PES 2021.

The Dutch forward may not be the quickest player available, but he is one of the best with the ball at his feet.

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