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eFootball 2023 - Leaks suggest MAJOR national side coup

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eFootball Wembley

eFootball 2023 has a long way to go if it's to catch up to the likes of FIFA 23, but a recent leak may have just showcased how Konami plan about taking the crown.

With licensing battles taking centre stage once again, here's everything we know about the potential arrival of England in eFootball 2023.

eFootball Major License Deal LEAKED

Twitter user E_footballeur has taken to Twitter to reveal some brand-new information regarding licenses and stadiums coming to eFootball 2023.

The leak, translated from French, appears to show a leaked image from a test version of the game, with England's Wembley Stadium slated for a return.

A further Tweet showcases gameplay from Wembley, with France taking on France (yes, you read that right) at the home of football.

We already knew that the French national team were going to appear in eFootball 2023, but the arrival of Wembley could signal a deal between Konami and the English National Team.

England X eFootball?!

The World Cup is set to begin at the end of this month, with EA Sports confirming a free DLC for all players and Konami looking to be working on some form of implementation for eFootball.

We've had no confirmation, but the above leaks could suggest that England may be close to completing a deal with Konami, similar to the one agreed with current World Cup holders France.

eFootball - FIFA 23 England national team
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SWITCHING SIDES? - eFootball could be about to land a major license

France's partnership will incorporate many different commercial, imagery, and activation rights as KONAMI become the ‘Official Football Video Game Partner of the French National Team’.

Whilst nothing is confirmed, the arrival of Wembley stadium in eFootball 2023 could signal that the England National Team may be the next to shake hands with Konami.

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