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Overwatch 2: How Blizzard Are Excluding Thousands of Players

Overwatch 2 was released yesterday but after several exclusions and the worst customer experience, many are avoiding it.

Fans are angry at the fact that certain people are being excluded from the game due to their phone plans.

The security for Overwatch 2 has reached ridiculous heights where the players are suffering the most.

Especially when this 'Defense Matrix' is mostly just a buggy hell hole.

So, let's take a look at how Blizzard Entertainment have excluded thousands of players and how fans are reacting to this.

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Overwatch 2 SMS verification

This has been a huge discussion point since it's an announcement in the Overwatch community.

Players must have a contracted phone, and pay a monthly fee instead of sporadically, in order to play Overwatch 2.

Defense Matrix Overwatch 2
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As Blizzard has time and time again stressed how free-to-play the game is, this seems like a step in the opposite direction.

I'm sure that there are many players out there who will not be able to access the game because of this.

Additionally, even being able to access this SMS verification has proven to be an issue.

This is directly cutting people out of a supposedly free-to-play game.

Heroes locked behind battle passes

Whilst this is a smaller issue within Overwatch 2, it still affects people's capability to access the full game.

Heroes are locked behind battle passes. There is a free battle pass and a paid-for battle pass.

Kiriko Overwatch 2
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However, the paid-for battle pass means that players can gain more XP and move up tiers much faster.

Pair this with the fact that players can only enter the competitive pool with all of the champions.

There is obviously a clear difference between those who pay for the pass and those who don't.

So, what now?

Blizzard has made some pretty rash decisions regarding accessibility to Overwatch 2 which has definitely affected its audience.

The general consensus on most platforms is that the game has changed drastically compared to the first Overwatch.

Many players miss the paid model which was easy to navigate.

All that we can do now is wait and see if Blizzard responds to these statements or not.

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