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Everything We Know About the Nintendo Switch Pro Console

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The Nintendo Switch Pro has been talked about for well over a year, but when is it set to release and what do we know about it? T

here’s nothing like the hype for a brand new console hitting the market. Especially when it looks to be an improvement for an already massively popular unit.


Nintendo Switch Pro Release Date

We do not currently have a solid release date for the Switch Pro console. There are multiple rumours and indicators that it could release before the end of 2021, however.

Co-founder of, Nick Baker, has speculated that a Nintendo Direct is planned to announce the Switch Pro and that this will take place on Thursday, June 3, 2021. Baker also notes that this reveal has been moved before and could be again.

Leaks have appeared on sites like Amazon, with listings for the product going live early. This indicates the announcement is imminent. This tends to happen when someone clicks a button they shouldn’t have, as in the past with the Walmart Canada game leaks.


Rumoured Switch Pro Features and Specs

Any console referred to as a ‘Pro’ model needs to come with some serious upgrades. The two biggest talking points in regards to the original Switch model are resolution and battery life.

This is likely what is fuelling the idea that the Switch Pro will reach up to 4K resolution in docked mode and have longer battery life.

Twitter user @SciresM has gone as far as to discover the new Switch Pro is likely to contain the same processor as the base and lite models.

The changes will centre around a higher clock speed on the processor. Naturally, this would need to be supported by an updated cooling solution, something that has also been hinted at.

They also stated that there are indications of a big visual overhaul for the console including an OLED screen and the aforementioned 4K capability.

No word on the console shell which has caused issues in the past. The Switch lite has been accused of feeling cheap while the original Switch had issues with Joy-Con drift.

Nintendo Switch Online library
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The NES and SNES library has grown with the online service

Nintendo has done a lot of work with its online service, which wasn't readily available at launch. While it may not stack up as much compared to PSN or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as a growing service it offers plenty for a low monthly fee.


We expect them to continue to offer NES and SNES games as part of the online catalogue, potentially moving on to offering GameCube and Gameboy titles that are not in line for remakes or re-releases.

If the reveal does indeed come in the form of a Nintendo Direct, expect game announcements too. Could we see some early info on Breath of the Wild 2 or the long awaited Mario Kart 9?

Nintendo Switch Pro Price

As we are currently without a release date, we are also without a price for the Switch Pro. In the UK, the base model still retails for around £279. This is unmoved from its standard price.

With the release of a new model, you can expect this price to drop slightly and the Switch Pro could come in at around £349.

While all the features and spec may point towards pricing more in line with the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the console is still considered a handheld hybrid which puts a ceiling on its performance.

Should You Wait For The Switch Pro?

During the various lockdowns we’ve faced over the last year, the Switch has been almost impossible to buy from retailers. If you’re still unable to secure one and are wondering if you should just wait for the Switch Pro, here’s our take.

The rumoured benefits target all aspects of the Switch, handheld and docked modes. This tells us that the Switch Pro isn’t some middle of the road upgrade like the Xbox One S was, and is instead something Nintendo want to ensure people are going to see massive value in.

Nintendo switch midnight release
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Fans couldn't wait to get their hands on the console in 2017

Four years into the Switch’s life, this upgrade is likely to be the only one we see. Nintendo may move on to the next concept following its release.

The console will likely suffer the same availability issues that have plagued the PS5 and Xbox Series X. If you do make the decision to buy, make sure you pre-order!

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