Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0: Release Date and new content revealed at ACNH Direct

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Shown off at the ACNH Direct, update 2.0 will be the last update New Horizons will see.

Here's everything we know about it so far.

Latest - Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 will arrive next week

Next week, the next and last major upgrade free content will finally arrive in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This means the game's updates lasted just over a year from its release in March 2020

We'll update your right here as it arrives.

Release Date

Early this morning the Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct showcased streamed live, revealing the game's changes in the upcoming update.

With that, we also learned that the ACNH 2.0 update goes live on November 5th, 2021!

New Content Coming in ACNH 2.0

The good news, Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 is packed with a lot of new content.

Bad news, Nintendo announced this is the last free update for ACNH.

New Locations

Brewster will open a café

  • Located in the corner of the museum, open doors The Roost a chill cafeteria where players can find new characters and chill with old friends.
  • Players can use the Amiibo phone inside the café to invite other characters by using compatible amiibo cards.
  • To unlock The Roost, players need to help the proprietor Brewster, performing a favor for Blathers, the museum director.
  • Don't forget to order Joe's Together.

Take a boat tour with Kapp’n

  • Find Kapp'n hanging out at the Pier. For some Bells, he will take players on his boat to remote Islands.
  • Kapp'n will serenade you while you reach your destination.
  • You may arrive in Islands with Mysterious Flora, Islands in a different season or during other times of the day.

Shops on Harv's Island

  • Harriet and Harvey are planning to renew Harv's Island with an Open Market.
  • Donate some Bells to help sellers to open their shops.
  • Encounter old friends visiting their shops:
    • Harriet opens a Salon. She will change your look and teach you some different hairstyles.
    • Kicks the shoe seller and Sahara, the wallpaper salesman, will have permanent shops in Harv.
    • Katrina is reappearing to open a Fortune Teller tent.
    • Cyrus and Reese's shop will offer furniture customization that can be built through DIY workbenches.

New Things to do


  • Cooking is coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0
  • Grow your vegetables in your gardens like tomatoes, wheat, sugarcane, potatoes, and carrots.
  • Combine your harvest and other ingredients to prepare delicious meals.


  • Star digging, players now can find besides fossils, Gyroids, these creatures play unique sounds.
  • Take them back to your Island so that they can grow.
  • Gyroids can be customized to match their surroundings.

KK Slider

  • The Plaza'scan'tReese's Performer that visits your Island'sPlaza'scan'tReese's Plaza every Friday has a new repertoire.
  • 12new songs, like KK Polka and KK Breakdance.
  • You can enjoy these songs at home in a New music Box.

Quality Life Changes

Morning Stretching

  • Nook, Inc. will offer sessions group sessions when players can participate in Stretching Sessions.
  • Players can follow the instructions using button control or motion controls.
  • You can invite friends from another island to stretch with you or visit other islands to stretch with your friend's group.

Resident Represetative

  • Players can request the assistance of the Resident Representative to establish ordinances.
  • These ordinances can request residents to wake up really early, reduce the growth of weeds, increase productivity, and more options.

Tom Nook Home Services

  • These office services have been upgraded, with more exterior options available.
  • Players can purchase storage expansion services. For example, from a max of 2400 items, now players can collect as much as 5000 items.

Nook's Cranny New Items

  • New Furniture added to the shop:
    • Ceiling Decor
    • Amazing machines


  • Residents from your Island can come and visit your home, or they can invite you to visit their places.

Other Changes

  • Nook Miles will have new redeemable items.
  • Get a Pro Decorating License. Now you can create furniture and decor with lights and ceiling pieces.
  • Pro Construction Licence: The max number of Bridges and Inclines will expand to 10 each.
  • 9 New Fence Types including Park Fencing, Block Fencing, Large Lattice Fencing, etc.
    • Some Fencings can be customized.
  • Pro Camera App in your Nook phone will be updated. You can join your pictures using a tripod.
  • Patterns that were used to cover your walls can now be added to your clothing.
  • Eleven new reactions, like stretching, bouncing to the music, are added to the communication system.
  • New Storage Shed, people can access their inventories remotely.
  • New ABD machine will let players obtain bells from their accounts, like an ATM.
  • New Cratable Tool: Wooden Ladder Set Up Kit. Players now can build permanent stairs on cliffs.
  • Characters can move in Narrow Spaces, allowing to include more furniture in each room.

As we mentioned before, this is the last major free update for Animal Crossing New Horizons.

For more content, you can check the new DLC: Happy Home Paradise that will also be available on November 5th, 2021, for $24.99

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