NHL 19 Celebrations Guide and Tutorial

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(Image Source: EA Sports)

One of the most popular additions to the NHL game franchise over the last few years has been customizable celebrations. With them, there’s a whole new thrill to scoring in the game. Here, we’ve got a video that shows you all of the celebrations on NHL 19, which ones we consider to be the best of the bunch, and instructions on how to apply custom celebrations to all of your favorite players.

All NHL 19 celebrations

The video below goes through every single one of the 71 celebrations in NHL 19 with the cover star P.K. Subban demonstrating them all for you. Keep an eye out for the two different dabs, Cristiano Ronaldo’s trademark celebration, and the humble celebrations. Initially, the superstars will have a celebration assigned as default. You can trigger a celebration after you score a goal using the Y (Xbox One) or Triangle (PS4) button. Alternatively, you can set a celebration for your player and save it.