NBA 2K21 Christmas Events 2020: LIVE NOW, What to Expect, Holidays in the City, Collections, Locker Codes & More

Season 3 aka The Season of Giving is in full swing in NBA 2K21.

The latest MyTEAM promo has it's own Christmas tint, but what about the rest of the basketball sim?

NBA 2K21 Christmas Event

We were treated to a Christmas-themed Park last year, whilst Winter Madness hit the 2K title in 2019.

Will either return in 2K21? Or are we set for a brand new promotion all together?

Latest News - Log into MyTEAM to unlock rewards

The Season of Giving keeps on giving!

Day 11 has arrived, logging into MyTEAM today will give you the opportunity of unlocking either Diamond Bam Adebayo or Pink Diamond Luka Jokic.

What are you waiting for? Go log in now!

Locker Codes Galore

It's the Season of Giving after all!

There are plenty of Locker Codes currently active in-game, granting you access to a variety of rewards.

From guaranteed packs to guaranteed players, there is plenty to get your hands on.

All the codes have an expiry date though so make sure you enter them before time runs out. Head here to find out more.

Holidays in the City

Christmas is coming to The City!

The latest set of Next Gen Patch Notes has confirmed that 'Holidays in the City' will be heading to The City at 8 AM PST on Tuesday, 15 December.

We're not sure exactly what this will entail, but we know that there will be some brand new Holiday uniforms added to the Pro-Am lineup too!

Start Date

There isn't a definitive start date for when we will see the NBA 2K21 Christmas promo, with the content spread across a variety of platforms.

As we've already alluded too, we've seen a new seasonal MyTEAM season drop, as well as some snow, hitting the 2K Beach in the current-gen version of 2K21.

The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood was arguably the most 'Christmassy' feature in NBA 2K20 but it's yet to hit the heights in 2K21.

We saw Christmas trees, presents, snow and more in last years December update.

It came on December 1st last year, so the clock is ticking for a 2K21 return.

Winter Madness

Winter Madness premiered in NBA 2K19, and it was a huge success.

The nine-day event began on December 22 and ran through to December 30, featuring a range of different content from competitions to beats to celebrity 1v1s.

Could we see a Winter Madness return this Christmas?


We already have the Season of Giving, but will we get more Christmas content in MyTEAM?

We certainly hope so. Expect to see a big reward Locker Code to drop on Christmas Day, with plenty more Pink Diamonds and more to come in future Collections throughout December.

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