NBA 2K20: 5 low OVR hidden gems - Harris, Wiggins, Brown & more

When it comes to player ratings on any sports game, there is always a debate to be had. The latest edition of NBA 2K is no different.

LeBron and Kawhi have come in as the highest-rated players on the new game with a 97 OVR and whilst that can’t be argued too much, it’s further down the list where some players would be right to feel hard done by.

Whilst some of those players will be unhappy with their rating, there are a select few who in-game, play to a much higher standard than their overall would suggest.

Whether that be the ability to shoot the three-ball well or get those defensive stops, there are plenty of hidden gems who will add a boost to any roster in the NBA.

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So who are these diamonds in the rough? Well, we at RealSport have delved deep into the roster and selected our top five low OVR gems, they are as follows:

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Joe Harris, Brookyln Nets (78 OVR)

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The Brooklyn Nets may now be one of the most sought after teams in the NBA 2K franchise after their off-season acquisition of Kyrie and Durant, however it is one of their existing stars in the form of Joe Harris who will help you win many games.

Harris comes in at a mid-tier 78 overall, but his incredible three point shooting makes the shooting guard standout from the rest. A 94 OVR in this department make him the third-best three point shooter on the game and a good cheap alternative to the likes of Klay Thompson.

Andrew Wiggins, Minnesota Timberwolves (79 OVR)

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Another low rated gem in 2K20 is the Minnesota Timberwolves shooting forward Andrew Wiggins, who starts 2K20 as a 79 OVR.

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Wiggins is most effective in the paint, with a monster 94 dunk rating. His three point shooting isn’t too bad either (77 OVR) and he does have a hot zone from deep, the outer right corner of the arc. His 90 rated shot IQ will ensure he takes the right shots at the right time.

Andre Roberson, Oklahoma City Thunder (OVR 76)

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Having players who can get you buckets is all well and good, but you need those players who can do a job at the other end of the court, look no further than OKC’s Andre Roberson.

Roberson may only be a 76 rated overall, but on the defensive end of the court he is top quality. His 86 rated perimeter defense is 15 ratings higher than the average for a SG on 2K20, whilst he also comes in with a 66 rated steal and a 68 block.

Fred Van Vleet, Toronto Raptors (OVR 79)

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The next low rated gem which we have selected in our top five on NBA 2K20 is Toronto fan favourite Fred Van Vleet.

The 25-year-old point guard may only be a 79 OVR on 2K20, however, in game he plays to a much higher standard than his rating suggests. He has an A- grade for playmaking, perimeter defense, three point shooting and potential. His 90 rated pass vision being his standout stat.

Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics (OVR 79)

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The final name which we have selected is the 22-year-old Boston Celtic’s shooting guard Jaylen Brown.

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Brown can cook at both ends of the court, prompting Boston to hand him a new bumper deal last week. In 2K20, he is no different. An 85 rated driving dunk is a rarity for shooting guards, whilst a 84 rated mid-range and a 78 rated 3 point shot mean you’ll be able to score buckets from just about anywhere with Brown.

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