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What is new in MLB The Show 22?

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MLB The Show 22 is less than two weeks away from launch, and players familiar with the series are always wondering what each new installment brings to the table.

With several new features now revealed, we're taking a closer look at exactly what is new in MLB The Show 22.

What is new in MLB The Show 22?

As each week draws us closer to the release date for MLB The Show 22, we get more and more details about all the new features on deck this year.

From new platforms to significant game mode upgrades, and an audio refresh years in the making, there's no shortage of improvements in MLB The Show 22.

Here, we'll break down exactly what we know is new in MLB The Show 22.

New presentation pairs with fresh commentary team

One of the biggest changes longtime players will notice right from the get this year is that MLB The Show 22 has introduced an entirely new commentary team.

Prolific MLB duo Jon "Boog" Sciambi and Chris Singleton have come together to record hudnreds of hours of new commentary for the game over the last few years.

Their arrival times well with a new set of video introduction packages, or sizzle reels, and other presentation upgrades we have more details on here.

Hitting and pitching tweaks, fielding joins Custom Practice

Contact and power swings get a little adjustment this year to bring things back into balance, but Dynamic PCI, PCI Anchor, and Dynamic PAR are the big hitters as gameplay changes.

Fielding is also getting a flurry of new animations, and it's joining Custom Practice to give players new ways to become the Golden Glove defender they hope to be.

You can find more details here about all the new hitting, pitching, and fielding features coming to MLB The Show 22.

Nintendo Switch and Online Co-Op make their debut

While it won't make a big impact on some players, the debut of MLB The Show as a franchise on Nintendo Switch is a big leap just one year after their debut on Xbox.

Among the big focuses will be cross-platform progression, as this means players with a Switch and a second console can purchase the game for both and have their same progress counted both at home and on the go.

Further reinforcing the co-op experience is that this is the first year for Online Co-Op, and we've got more details here about how players will be able to play 2v2 and 3v3.

March to October and Franchise Mode upgrades

March to October gets some major new features this year as the game mode will now span multiple season and include an exciting Free Agency suite of features including a Big Board.

MLB The Show 22 March to October
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BIG BOARD: Free Agency gets some new depth in MTO this year

Franchise Mode is largely getting under the hood upgrades to trade logic and contracts, but we've got more details here on all the various upgrades for these team strategy experiences.

Legends Roster continues to grow

Finally, a new year means new players make the cut and get to join the MLB The Show 22 Legends Roster.

So far, they've revealed Randy Johnson, Ryan Howard, Kirk Gibson, and Kevin Youkilis as new legends in MLB The Show 22.

You can find the updated MLB The Show 22 Legends Roster here, as there are still several more reveals to come.

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