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MLB The Show 22: Double XP activated for Sizzling Summer until 2022 All-Stars program arrives

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MLB The Show 22 is gearing up for the All-Star break in Diamond Dynasty, and that means a final push for Sizzling Summer.

We've got details on exactly when Double XP is going live and how long players will have in MLB The Show 22 to take advantage of this bonus.

MLB The Show 22: Double XP Start & End Date

Diamond Dynasty is always in flux with new events and programs coming and going, but it's almost time to embrace the 2022 All-Stars.

Sizzling Summer has been rolling on in Diamond Dynasty, but players are getting a major advantage as the final stretch now arrives.

Double XP has officially been activated as of July 12, 2022 at approximately Noon PT, and it will continue until the conclusion of the Sizzling Summer program.

MLb The Show 22 double xp
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ON THE WAY: The in-game schedule confirms the next featured program

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While we don't know the replacement program's official name, the 2022 All-Stars will take the spotlight in the next featured program which arrives on Monday, July 18, 2022 at approximately Noon PT.

This means players have just under a week to make their final push towards rewards like the powerful Sizzling Summer bosses.

How to use Double XP to finish Sizzling Summer quickly

If you're hoping to take advantage of the new Double XP activation, it's good to keep in mind some of the rules around it.

First off, Double XP is specific only to earned Gameplay XP in MLB The Show 22 and does not apply to awarded XP.

This means any bulk XP provided as rewards in Conquest or by completing stages of an Archetype program won't be magnified, but any gameplay in that process will be.

Online gameplay tends to provide the most XP, but players who aren't used to online play may not be able to score consistently enough to make playing online worthwhile.

As such, our suggestion for quick and easy XP is using the Play vs. CPU mode in Diamond Dynasty against the Baltimore Orioles.

Don't fret too much over pitching a perfect game, but instead try to improve your batting and score as much as possible to rack up the XP.

Players should also keep an eye on the current Conquest maps to snag hidden rewards before they expire.

There are also some great ways to earn XP for Sizzling Summer while playing, so make sure to check the PXP Missions for that program and others to ensure you're making the most out of every game by having the right lineup.

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