14 May 2021 4:00 PM +00:00

WATCH MLB The Show 21 go nuts when you won't pitch

MLB The Show 21 landed on all platforms just last month, and it's filled with challenging game modes and fun ways to embrace everything about baseball.

If players simply refuse to pitch during a game in MLB The Show 21, the players, fans, umpires, and mascots all start to slowly lose it.

WATCH: MLB The Show 21 starts to lose it if you won't pitch


MLB The Show 21 is filled with different ways to embrace and enjoy the sport of baseball, but what happens when you won't play?

While pitching in MLB The Show 21 against the computer, there's no timer containing how long it takes the player to pitch the ball.

If players simply set their controller down while pitching and refuse to interact, you can watch things get weird very quickly.

From dancing mascots to fishing umpires, there seems to be no end to the amount of easter eggs crammed into MLB The Show 21 when you won't pitch.

Players stretching in some way is fairly common, and I've also spotted one instance where two outfielders started playing keep-away with a teammate's baseball cap.


MLB The Show 21 continues to add new content

While the in-game players may not know what to do, Sony San Diego has been right on track with new content releases since the title launched last month.

The latest addition has come in the form of a new 2nd Inning Player Program featuring Fred McGriff and celebrating his 1992 All-Star season.

MLB The Show 21 Watch Pitch Diamond Dynasty
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ALL-STAR: You can snag the Crime Dog now in Diamond Dynasty

While the game has faced some issues since launch with servers being down and various bugs needing to be resolved, developers have also released a Thank You Bundle providing in-game freebies to fans.

The appreciation pack is only available for a few more days, and we've got all the details on how players can redeem it before time runs out.