MLB The Show 21 drops 2nd Inning Fred McGriff

MLB The Show 21 keeps the Diamond Dynasty content flowing with the new 2nd Inning Player Program for All-Star Fred McGriff.

We've got all the details you need to unlock Fred McGriff in this new Diamond Dynasty Player Program for MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 Player Program: 2nd Inning Fred McGriff

MLB The Show 21 dropped a new 2nd Inning Player Program today, and the man in the spotlight was finally revealed.

The first 2nd Inning Player Program will center on All-Star Fred McGriff, whose card highlights his 1992 season with the San Diego Padres.

McGriff hit 34 home runs that year, and his success lead to being recognized as an All-Star, being the home run leader, and snagging the Silver Slugger Award.

Now, players in Diamond Dynasty have the opportunity to add McGriff's legendary skills from 1992 to their squad as they head into one of the many Diamond Dynasty Game Modes.

Diamond Dynasty Fred McGriff Stats

Right off the bat, the sheer value of this All-Star Fred McGriff is showcased by his 88 OVR rating as a first baseman.

While McGriff has decent fielding skills, it's his hitting attributes that really make him a potential asset to your Diamond Dynasty squad.

McGriff has a 106 in Discipline, 90 in Power vs. Left-Handed Pitchers, 86 in Power vs. Right-Handed Pitchers, and 76+ attributes in Contact to pair with his 96 in Durability.

How to Unlock 2nd Inning Fred McGriff

In order to unlock 2nd Inning Fred McGriff for your squad in Diamond Dynasty, you'll have to complete a series of Missions and Moments.

MLB The Show 21 2nd Inning Player Program Fred McGriff How to Unlock
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THE NUMBERS DON'T LIE: And they spell disaster for pitchers when Crime Dog takes the plate

You can also exchange first baseman from your inventory to snag five points, but that won't make a huge dent in the total needed for McGriff and you'll still need to knock out Moments and Missions.


There are three missions in this Player Program, and each will need to be completed in specific Diamond Dynasty Game Modes.

  • Extra Base Hits with 1B - ONLINE: Tally 5 Extra Base Hits with First Baseman in Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale, or Events (Rewards 10 Points)
  • Home Runs with SD - ONLINE: Tally 3 Home Runs with Padres players in Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale, or Events (Rewards 10 Points)
  • Defeat SD on All-Star - Play Vs CPU: Defeat the Padres on All-Star Difficulty or higher in Play Vs CPU (Rewards 8 Points)


There are seven different Moments in the Fred McGriff Player Program, and each will challenge you while player locked as Fred McGriff to recreate a specific moment in his career.

  • Pretty Slow Start (Veteran Difficulty): Tally 16 Total Bases in five games (Rewards 7 Points)
  • Slam Dog (Veteran Difficulty): Hit 1 Home Run (Rewards 7 Points)
  • Padres vs. Expos (Veteran Difficulty): Tally 7 Hits and 4 Extra Base Hits in four games (Rewards 7 Points)
  • 1992 All Star Game (Veteran Difficulty): Tally 2 Hits (Rewards 7 Points)
  • More Homers Than You (Veteran Difficulty): Hit 1 Home Run (Rewards 7 Points)
  • Crime Dog (Veteran Difficulty): Tally 2 Hits and 1 Extra Base Hit (Rewards 7 Points)

If you finish enough of the Missions and Moments, and possibly the Exchange if you'd like to take that on too, you'll score the points to unlock Fred McGriff.

All Fred McGriff Player Program Rewards

Your final reward will be the 88 OVR rated Fred McGriff card for Diamond Dynasty, but you'll also snag some other rewards along the way.

MLB The Show 21 2nd Inning Player Program Fred McGriff How to Unlock
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FINAL REWARD: Snag some other bonuses while trying to earn McGriff

Here's every reward in the 2nd Inning Fred McGriff Player Program:

  • 10 Points: 500 Stubs
  • 20 Points: One The Show Pack
  • 30 Points: 1000 Stubs
  • 40 Points: Two The Show Packs
  • 50 Points: 88 OVR Fred McGriff Player Item

If you haven't gotten it already, don't waste time and miss out on redeeming your massive free Thank You Bundle in MLB The Show 21.

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