14 May 2021 2:53 PM +00:00

MLB The Show 21 update fixes vanishing stadiums

MLB The Show 21 has yet another title update, and the patch notes for Game Update 7 detail a specific stadium bug that's been fixed this time.

We've got all the details on update Version 1.07/1.007/ for MLB The Show 21.

Game Update 7: Patch Notes for Version 1.07/1.007/

MLB The Show 21 implemented Game Update 7 and sent it live for all platforms on May 14, 2021 at 4am PT (6am CT/7am ET).

Game Update 7 is Version 1.07 on PS4, Version 1.007 on PS5, and Version on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.


The download size for Game Update 7 is not currently known, but is likely similar or smaller than Game Update 6 which dropped just one day earlier.


Sony San Diego once again released patch noes for Game Update 7, but there wasn't much being tended to this time.

"This is a small update that fixes a bug that would cause classic stands in created stadiums to disappear, leaving the fans floating in midair. After the update is live, please resave your stadium to correct the issue. Thank you."

Those are the full patch notes for Game Update 7, and once again Sony San Diego has proven no bug fix is too small to get its own title update for MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 update restarts servers and adds stadium fix

In what has become a routine addition, the release of Game Update 7 also prompted a server restart for MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 Game Update 7 Patch Notes Stadium Bug
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ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER UPDATE: Sony San Diego isn't slowing down

Even now, almost a month after the release of MLB The Show 21 via Early Access, the title is still facing frequent reports of server connection issues.

While the extent of the issue with classic stands vanishing while using created stadiums is unclear, it was wide enough that Sony San Diego decided the update couldn't wait.