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MLB The Show 21: 5 things we're most excited to try

MLB The Show 21 is just a few short days away from being released on Xbox and PlayStation, but players who pre order can start Early Access in less than 24 hours!

This year's game is filled with upgrades and new features, but these five are the ones we're most excited to try in MLB The Show 21.

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Next Gen Stadium Creator

If you're going to have the opportunity to play MLB The Show 21 on PS5 or Xbox Series X|S, you'll be able to experience the all-new Stadium Creator.

MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator
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JURASSIC PARK: Even the fantasy becomes reality in Stadium Creator

While versions of this have existed before in baseball games, this is the first time we're seeing it in MLB The Show.

Players will have over a thousand unique props to choose from, ultimate customization without breaking the game or making things unfair, and there are some props we're hoping to see show up later.

Ballplayer Loadouts in RTTS and Diamond Dynasty

While more details about this will become clear once the game is released, Sony San Diego did give us a great glimpse of Ballplayer and the new Loadouts during their Feature Premiere on Ballplayer.

MLB The Show 21 Ballplayer Loadouts
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PICK YOUR POISON: Decide exactly what you want to excel at

This new way of building and boosting your custom player that's used in both Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty uses Archetype Items and Perks in order to make your Ballplayer powerful in a very specific way.

Players will have the chance to setup multiple loadouts to be saved and used in different situations, which should provide a great way to fine tune things to your playstyle.

Story-Driven Road to the Show Career Mode

If you're looking for a great single player experience, Road to the Show seems primed to provide that, and the new story-driven model appears better than ever before.

MLB The Show 21 Career Mode Road to the Show RTTS
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CHOOSE YOUR PATH: The experience in RTTS should vary each time

This revamped Career Mode will include an in-game podcast that follows your Ballplayer as you progress, and the podcast episodes themselves will vary based on player performance and playstyle.

With the way Career Mode can adapt to the way you play, there could be a lot of replayability in trying to run through this mode with different kinds of players.

Upgraded Franchise Mode

Franchise Mode is still one of the most beloved parts of any great sports game, and that's no different with MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 Franchise Mode
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LOOK AHEAD: The new depth chart let's you view future seasons

While the improvements may not be as flashy, the internal changes to Franchise Mode by altering budget, introducing fantastic new depth charts, and huge changes to player value in trades could make this one for the ages.

Some other sports titles haven't managed to truly capitalize on Franchise Mode, but right now MLB The Show 21 looks primed to have the best Franchise Mode in sports gaming today.

Crossplay and Cross Platform Diamond Dynasty Marketplace

If you're bummed that your best friend got the game on Xbox but you're still playing on PlayStation, crossplay is here to save the day and let you duke it out on the field.

MLB The Show 21 Crossplay Diamond Dynasty
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FREE MARKET: Diamond Dynasty will spread the card economy across all platforms

MLB The Show 21 introduces crossplay for the first time in series history, and it'll be breaking ground as the first major sports franchise with this feature.

That means players on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5 will all be able to play and compete together.

On top of that, the Online Marketplace in Diamond Dynasty should be more expansive than ever as it'll be universal across all four platforms.

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