5th Inning Program ready to launch in MLB The Show 21

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MLB The Show 21 moves Diamond Dynasty another step forward as they launch the 5th Inning Program with tons of new content.

Here's everything you need to know about the 5th Inning Program including bosses, end date, and when more content could be added to Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 21.


Latest - All Bosses revealed, program goes live

Following their "Push The Button" stream announcing the content included in the new 5th Inning Program, Sony San Diego then did exactly that and sent things live in MLb The Show 21.

On top of the already revealed Nolan Ryan, the 5th Inning Bosses will include Vladimir Guerrero Sr. and Joe Morgan, both of which have a new 99 OVR card up for grabs.

MLB the Show 21 5th Inning Program Bosses
PICK YOUR LEGEND: You'll only get to keep one

You'll have to work your way through this new "5" themed program in order to earn the right to choose one of these legendary players, and you can start on that right now.

There's also of course a new rewards track, and it's packed with Stubs, Packs, Equipment, Stadiums, and unique things like new profile icons.

We've got more details below on what other content has been added and could be coming later.


MLB The Show 21 5th Inning Program Start & End Date

MLB The Show 21 continues to bring new content to Diamond Dynasty, and the next way they'll be doing that is with the launch of the 5th Inning Program.

Each of the Inning Programs that have launched since the game was released in April have lasted approximately four weeks, and they've all delivered new challenges and rewards to pursue.

MLB The Show 21 5th Inning Program Diamond Dynasty
ALMOST TIME: The 5th Inning Program is less than 24 hours away

We knew the start date prior to things going live, but the end date has now been confirmed based on the time remaining currently visible in-game for the program.

Start Date: Friday, July 30, 2021 at Noon PT (2pm CT/3pm ET)

End Date: Friday, August 27, 2021 at Noon PT (2pm CT/3pm ET)


If you want to watch the content stream revealing the program, new bosses, and more, you can do so by viewing the video above.

We also saw a new roster update today, with Cedric Mullins among five new Diamonds, and we have more details on that here.

What new content arrived with the 5th Inning Program?

So far, the new content we've seen added for the 5th Inning Program lines right up with what we've seen over the last several months.

One new Conquest map was added, this one modeled after the Roman number "V" for "5," representing the 5th Inning Program.

MLB The Show 21 V Roman Numeral 5 Conquest Hidden Rewards Map Locations
PLEAD THE VTH: This one should once again be packed with rewards

While the locations are still being discovered, they mentioned during the content stream that upwards of 5 different Ballin' Is A Habit Packs can be found in this map.

Other than the usual missions, things are a bit barren at the moment, with no new Showdown just yet and only a single Collection, the one for 4th Inning Bosses, currently available.

We expect they'll add more Conquest maps, additional Collections, and a Showdown for the 5th Inning Program in the next few weeks for Diamond Dynasty.