MLB The Show 20 Developer Livestream: When is it, what is it, Franchise Mode, RTTS, custom franchises

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Spring Training has begun, MLB The Show 20 comes out in just about a month, and we couldn't be more excited for baseball.

The first Spring Training game is just over a week away, as the Texas Rangers will face the Kansas City Royals on February 21.

With the baseball season being so close,
that obviously also means it is practically time for the latest MLB The Show.

Releasing on March 17, MLB The Show 20 is shaping up to be excellent. Following on from the success of MLB The Show 19, the early glimpses of this year’s game fill us with excitement.

It’s fitting, considering it is the 15th Anniversary of SIE San Deigo’s baseball sim, so they are going all out to make it the best baseball game we have ever seen.

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So how can you tune into these livestreams, and what will we learn from them?

13th February livestreams

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February 13's livestream will be at 3pm PT (6pm ET/11pm GMT).

Until mid-January, when the gameplay reveal trailer dropped, any information about The Show 20 was extremely limited. We knew the cover star and release date, but that was about it.

However, along with the trailer they released the full developer livestream schedule, revealing new features and giving us dates to circle for more information.

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On February 13 we’ll be treated to the next livestream, which will shed light on Road to the Show’s revamped relationships and dynamic challenges, along with huge additions to Franchise Mode.

How to watch

This upcoming stream, along with every
other stream, will be live on the official SIE San Diego twitch channel.
They will also be simulcast on Facebook and YouTube, so there are plenty of ways to watch!

What do we want from the livestreams?

MLB 20 Road To The Show RTTS dynamic challenges
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BIG TIME: Dynamic challenges reward the game's biggest moments

The initial trailer and subsequent extended trailer alluded to increased implementation of the relationship system we saw last year, with it having more impact on the field and having more ways to develop that aspect of your player.

The latest Coach’s Couch about RTTS shed even more light on it ahead of the upcoming livestream, and show plenty of shots from in-game of the updates.

So, we know that is coming, but going by the title of the livestream there are massive changes coming to Franchise Mode.


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Among those new features is franchise
relocation, something fans have clamored for for years. Hopefully they are
going to shed a lot of light on the places and customization options that will
be available.

They will also be expanding on another Coach’s Couch which revealed full franchise customization.

Make sure you check back to see what these
livestreams had to say about the upcoming MLB The Show 20.

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