MLB The Show 20 gameplay reveal: Date, time, features and improvements

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The big day is coming, as today, via their social media accounts, MLB The Show announced
they’ll be revealing MLB The Show 20’s gameplay worldwide tomorrow.

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We’re just eight weeks away from the release of the game and so far just a small number of people, those who had access to the Closed Beta, have any idea of how the game will look and feel.

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This year’s MLB The Show will be the last
edition of the game to release on this generation of consoles, as the PS5 and
Xbox Series X release later this year.


Features we want to see

MLB The Show 19 was a good game. The gameplay looked great and was a fun and smooth experience, but there are some aspects fans would love to see touched up.


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While hitting and pitching have always been
the main draws of the game, with fans wanting to rack up strikeouts and hit
dingers, and so fielding has always taken a back seat.

Be that making it difficult to track the ball well due to camera angles, clumsy movement, or being so difficult to recreate the dramatic catches we see with surprising regularity in the MLB.

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Prior to the closed beta release, San Diego
Studio said fielding was an aspect of the game they wanted feedback for during
the beta. Could this mean they’ve made significant changes?


While hitting is variable depending on the difficulty, it can be a bit too forgiving.

Late and early swings can often still result in contact to keep at-bats alive when they shouldn’t be.

Finding the line between being too
forgiving and too harsh is unquestionably difficult, but it’s a subtle change
that could go a long way to improving gameplay for the most devoted and
talented MLB The Show players.


Franchise Mode

Perhaps one of the biggest complaints about the game is Franchise Mode. Fans are frequently calling for improvements and are not content with the changes each year.

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Be it giving you more control in creating four- or six-man rotations and adding two-way contracts to better reflect the flexibility a manager has on their team, or adding customizable draft classes like we have seen in EA Sports’ Madden NFL franchise.

This reveal may not show much of this, but
it is something to keep an eye on.

Closed beta

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SNEAK PEAK: Some lucky gamers got the first look at the new game


The closed beta has been going on since Tuesday 14 January, but the masses have yet to see anything of the new game due to a strict secrecy policy about the beta.

We haven’t had videos or screenshots, so
this reveal will be the first most people see of the game.

The game releases on March 17, just two months away, so get ready for more reveals over the next few weeks as we all learn more about the 15th Anniversary version of the game.

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