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*UPDATE* Valorant Patch 4.11: What we Know so Far

Riot's constant updating by patches has not been something that's lost with Valorant. The newest patch is out soon and is adding some things to the game which has increased excitement in the Valorant community.

This update is a larger one as it implements changes to agents' abilities, map changes and also brings a night market which is similar to the store in League of Legends.

Bug fixes have also been focussed on this patch to improve the quality of play.

Latest News

Riot have added a new feature called "Clutch Mute". This feature allows Agents to cut out in-game communication to focus fully when winning a clutch moment.

Clutch Mute text confirmed
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To use this new feature, players must bind "Team Voice Clutch Mute Keys" to a key in the communication settings. This provides a brilliant mechanic which fixes an issue that having busy communication can cause.

Changes to Agent's Abilities

The changes in Agent's abilities address bug fixes that have caused issues for players. The added changes include:

  • Fixing a bug which meant Jett could reach an extremely high speed at certain locations when using Tailwind
  • Fixed a bug where Chamber's model would still teleport, even if killed during
  • Fixed a bug where Skye would make an odd pose when holding her gun in third-person
  • Fixed a bug where you would sometimes see the location of enemy Astra stars
  • And many more

Potential new map?

A well-known data-miner Shiick has released some new Valorant 4.11 voice lines which were featured in the PBE. These voice lines indicate a new map which, although not officially confirmed, could point to a new map soon to be released.

Valorant gameplay
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Cypher's voice line hints at a new Valorant area that could be used to reposition defences. KAY/O audio also supports this as he decides to try and open the portal, perhaps leading to a new area in-game.

Potential return of the Night Markets?

The Night Market offers players a chance to buy skins based on their account with a sale price. Due to the excitement around this addition, it has been a popular recurring feature for gamers.

Valorant's Nightmarket
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Leakers have not yet revealed any assets associated with the night market. Night markets have appeared for Valorant users a lot during 2022. So the return of them is not as exciting as the possible new map.

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