*UPDATED* Star Wars Episode I Racer: Coming Next week, Price, Gameplay, PS4, Switch, and more

After a couple bumps in the road, the new retro remake is coming in hot for next week!

by Ramzi Musa
Screenshot Star Wars

With all the hype surrounding Star Wars at the moment, another nugget of amazing news has been thrown into the mix. Star Wars Episode I Racer has finally got a confirmed release date.

Keep reading for everything you need to know.

Release Date

The title will release for Switch and PS4 for 23rd June 2020.

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The game will be priced at $14.99 or approx £12. A bargain for such an iconic game.


There will be a total of 25 racers, including Anakin Skywalker himself!

Eight unique worlds will make up the title, from the awesome Tatooine all the way to Malastare.

And of course, there will be multiplayer for both PS4 and Switch, including LAN multiplayer for Switch.

star wars racer TALL 2
UNLIMITED POWER: The game will feature some familiar tracks, with some new additions


The original Star Wars Episode I: Racer was released on N64 back in 1999. Gameplay consisted of racing podracers around various tracks, including but not limited to those featured in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

The movie itself features a very entertaining segment that sees a young Anakin Skywalker take part in one of the races – utilising his quick reflexes to full effect.

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New version for modern times

Announced originally on StarWars.com, developer Aspyr and Lucasfilm have put this game forward with modernized controls, a point reflected by producer, James Vicari, on the site.

When touching on the subject of the Nintendo’s Joy-Cons, he goes onto say:

‘You really want to make sure that the game plays well and embraces as much of the variations as possible for them. So we’ve done a lot of work to make sure that the game feels comfortable in all configurations, including playing with each individual Joy-Con.

star wars racer gameplay 02
ORIGINAL: The 1999 release on N64 proved very popular

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Ramzi Musa