RBI Baseball 21 has now officially been released

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RBI Baseball 21 Release Date is here, and that means the title is available now on multiple platforms.

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Here's everything you need to know about when RBI Baseball 21 was due to release, how to buy the game, and whether things landed when they were supposed to.

Latest News - Release Date delay on PS4

While RBI Baseball 21 has officially been released and is available on most platforms it was announced for, the PlayStation Store still doesn't have the title.


It's not clear what's caused the delay, but PS4 gamers are not able to purchase and play the title like gamers can now on other platforms.

Developers look to be aware of the issue and are likely acting fast to try and remedy this and get the title listed as they'd intended.

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RBI Baseball 21 Release Date

The official release date for RBI Baseball 21 was March 16, 2021, and the title did land on that day as planned.

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GAME TIME: RBI Baseball 21 launches on March 16

The release got the title out just over a month before MLB The Show 21, which is also gearing up for a big 2021 release.


RBI Baseball 21 is yet another installment in a series that has been around for decades, and this year's version followed the pattern set in previous years of a March release date.

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Perhaps the most exciting part of RBI Baseball 21 to some gamers will be the affordable price.

While most new titles landing on Current Gen consoles start at $59.99, or as much as $69.99 on Next Gen consoles, you can get RBI Baseball 21 for only $29.99.

RBI Baseball 21 is currently the same price across all platforms, so pick your favorite and join the game now.

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RBI Baseball 21 was advertised to launch on multiple platforms, but a few of those don't yet have the game as planned.

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PLATFORM PICKS: RBI Baseball 21 lands with multiple platforms to choose from

RBI Baseball 21 is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


It is also expected to be released on PS4 through the PlayStation Store and on mobile devices, but neither of those listings are live yet.

You can purchase the game digitally on the Microsoft Store, Nintendo eShop, and Steam.

You can also order a physical copy from several outlets noted below:


Gameplay Trailer

We got a look at the gameplay in RBI Baseball 21 ahead of Release Date through the Official Gameplay Trailer.

The title looks to take arcade style baseball and make it approachable for the average user while also majorly emphasizing customization.


The biggest addition this year is Play-by-Play commentary, and this is the first time that's been added to RBI Baseball.

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Game Modes

RBI Baseball 21 released with four major game modes, including Exhibition, Franchise, Online Play, and Home Run Derby.

There's also deep customization options, whether that's for your Create-A-Player, batting control style combinations, custom difficulty and sliders, or even pitching camera angle.

Players are able to enjoy Progressive Time of Day where afternoon games can progress into night games, providing an immersive detail to the arcade-style sim.

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