PUBG: Battlegrounds Season 13.1 brings big changes

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PUBG Battlegrounds 13.1 has been announced for August 4th on PC, and August 12th on consoles. The update is stacked with new content, and its patch notes have been revealed!

Here's everything we know so far about PUBG 13.1.

PUBG Update 13.1

The next PUBG update will mark the start of a new ranked season and will feature adjustments to the Sanhok Map, Taego map, and plenty more.

Scene from PUBG Battlegrounds showing a war plane falling from the sky with fire
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MAYDAY, MAYDAY!: Leave planes before they crash.

Read over the changes coming in the PUBG 13.1 patch notes below!

Updates to Taego

Taego, the map which is set in 1980's South Korea, will be introduced in this upgrade:

  • "Taego Secret Room", which will spawn randomly on the map and will contains some of the best gear Survivors can find.
  • Multi Care Packages, the number of Air Drop packages will increase so most players can get some of the loot.
  • Emergency Landing, sometimes the plane will have engine problems. so players will have to take an emergency landing. If you stay on the plane you will start with 50% HP.
  • Item Spawn Changes, based on players feedback the Items Spawn time has changed.
    • Spawn Rate Changes:
      - Self AED: 37% increase
      - Stocks: 1% decrease
      - Stun Grenade: 14% decrease
      - Molotov Cocktail: 3% decrease
    • New Items Added:
      - Emergency Pickup
      - C4
      - Spike Trap
Two images comparing Sanhook in 2018 and 2020 after the remaster.
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BEFORE AND AFTER: Sanhok will receive new updates with patch 13.1

Sanhok Updates

This map was released in 2018 and remastered in 2020. However, the developers didn't stop there. In the next patch, they will include the following changes:

  • Northwest Island, they add some coverage to help survivors to cross the river. Also adding some cliffs and rock on the south beach.
  • Northwest Island Temple, they removed the buildings which did not have item spawns and replaced them with new buildings containing item spawns

New Map Rotation

In 13.1, Paramo will be replaced with Karakin in Normal Matches. Here's the new map rotation:

  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Vikendi
  • Karakin

New Ranked Season

In Ranked Mode, players in Diamond rank or higher who don’t play ranked for 7 days will begin to receive daily RP decay. In season 13, this decay will only stop once a player falls out of Diamond and into Platinum.


At the beginning of Season 13, all eligible players will be granted their Season 12 rewards, including nameplates/emblems available for the duration of the season.

Honor-based rewards from Season 12 will be removed from the inventory with the start of next season. Rank Season 13 goes live on August 4th and will run for two months, similar to recent ranked seasons.

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