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PUBG's next major title update is introducing a lot of new content

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PUBG's next major title update is right around the corner and we have a new look at everything that's coming to the iconic BR title thanks to the PUBG 12.2 Patch Notes.

PUBG 12.2 Patch Notes Highlights

As always, there's a couple of things that stand out in the latest set of Patch Notes for PUBG 12.2.

Firstly, PUBG is getting a new 8x8 map! Taego is the next evolution of PUBG's traditional Battle Royale gameplay, offering a diverse and reactive environment for players to explore. Comeback BR and Self AED are both also going to be available exclusively on Taego throughout 12.2.

The K2 and Mk12 are both joining PUBG's arsenal of weaponry, offering two new ways to win. Both of these weapons are also exclusive to Taego for the time being. The same goes for the new vehicle: The Pony Couple. It's Hyundai's first concept car, premiering at the Turin Motor Show in 1974.

PUBG 12.2 Patch Notes New Vehicle Pony Coupe
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NOT A BAD LITTLE RUN AROUND - The Pony Coupe hits a max speed of 150 km/h

You can check out all of these changes and more in action below in the PUBG 12.2 Patch Notes Report:


PUBG 12.2 Update Release Date


PUBG's next major title update, which will make use of the PUBG 12.2 Patch Notes detailed below, is due to arrive on July 7th. We don't have a specific time just yet, but we can look at the 12.1 Update for information about this.

PUBG's 12.1 Update was scheduled to release at 01:30 PST / 04:30 EST / 09:30 BST on the day of release. In addition to this, Server Downtime began eight hours before this at 17:30 PST (Day Before) / 20:30 EST (Day Before) / 01:30 BST.

With this in mind, we're expecting to see something similar for the 12.2 Update that's due in just over a week. We won't know for sure until PUBG confirms the information, but for now... This is our best guess.

Full PUBG 12.2 Patch Notes

New Map: Taego

  • Taego is available as the Featured Map.
  • Playable in TPP and FPP.
    • Solo and Squads, including 1-man Squad Modes, are available.
    • Duos are not available.
    • Depending on your region, available modes and perspectives will vary.
  • Up to 100 players.
  • Bots can spawn.
  • Clear weather.
  • No Red Zone.
  • Wildlife: Two friendly bird varieties reside throughout Taego, reacting to player movement and gunfire.
  • Taego is available in Custom Matches.
    • Sandbox Mode is available for PUBG Partners.
PUBG 12.2 Patch Notes Taego Map Farmland
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HIT THE HEDGEROWS - Taego is nice this time of year, right?

New Mode: Comeback BR

  • Comeback BR is exclusive to Taego Squad matches.
  • Players who die before the first Blue Zone phase ends are eligible and see a timer indicating when Comeback BR begins.
  • All eligible participants are sent simultaneously to the Comeback Arena, separate from the main fight, and must find loot and items to stay alive, competing against other survivors.
  • There are no bots or knockdowns in Comeback BR.
  • Survive the timer indicated while fighting in the Comeback Arena, and you’ll be transported back to the Taego mainland via helicopter with all your items and gear to continue your fight for the Chicken Dinner.
  • While health and boost levels are reset upon returning to the fight, your kills and stats are still recorded.

New Feature: Self AED

  • Press the interact button or click the Self AED in your inventory to activate the self-revive.
    • Cannot be cancelled once started.
    • Cannot be used while already being revived by another teammate.
  • Squads: The Self AED can be used even if your entire Squad is DBNO, as a teammate holding the Self AED prevents your Squad from being immediately eliminated.
    • This gives you chance to self-revive and then revive your teammates.
    • If the whole Squad remains DBNO, you will be eliminated once all players with a Self AED are killed.
  • Solo: Having a Self AED allows you to enter DBNO instead of being instantly killed.
  • Self AED uses are recorded as revives in your stats.

New Weapon: K2

  • Weapon Class: AR
  • Ammo Type: 5.56mm
  • Damage: 41
  • Effective Fire Range: 500
  • Fire Modes: Single, Burst, Full Auto
  • Muzzle Velocity: 880 m/s
  • Optical Attachments: Up to 6x
  • Rate of Fire: 700 RPM
  • Lower Rail Attachments: N/A
  • Magazine Attachments: All AR Mags
  • Muzzle Attachments: All AR Muzzles
  • Stock Attachments: None

New Weapon: Mk12

  • Weapon Class: DMR
  • Ammo Type: 5.56mm
  • Damage: 50
  • Effective Fire Range: 400
  • Fire Modes: Single
  • Feed System: 20/30 STANAG
  • Muzzle Velocity: 930 m/s
  • Optical Attachments: Up to 15x
  • Lower Rail Attachments: All Lower Rail Grips
  • Magazine Attachments: All AR/SR Mags
  • Muzzle Attachments: All AR/SR Muzzles
  • Stock Attachments: None

New Vehicle: Pony Coupe

  • Maximum HP: 1,000
  • Maximum Speed: 150 km/h
  • The all-wheel-drive (AWD) system ensures maximum traction in rough conditions.
  • While being a 4-seater vehicle, due to the characteristics of a coupe, passengers in the back seats cannot shoot out of the vehicle.

Survivor Pass: Taego

  • Survivor Pass Level-Up Tickets Purchase Methods Update
    • Level-up tickets can be purchased in units of 1 level on the Survivor Pass page after upgrading the Survivor Pass to Premium.
    • Level-up coupons are applied at the time of purchase, and can only be purchased until reaching level 50.
    • After reaching level 50, you can only level up with XP obtained through missions or gameplay.
  • We have prepared a bonus reward for players who have reached level 50.
    • Players who have reached level 50 and upgraded the Survivor Pass to Premium can further level up and receive bonus rewards such as medals, emblems, and G-Coin.
    • Keep playing until the Survivor Pass ends to earn all your bonus rewards.
  • Survivor Pass: Taego Weapon & Level Pack (3,270 G-Coin)
    • SURVIVOR PASS: TAEGO, Kar98K Skin, 30 Levels
  • Survivor Pass: Taego Weapon Pack (990 G-Coin)

Item Spawn Increase

  • Erangel - 123.9%
  • Miramar - 128.3%
  • Sanhok - 116.5%
  • Vikendi - 128.4%

Performance Improvements

  • Optimized internal logic between map loading to reduce hitching and frame drops.
  • Improved CPU usage by improving character creation and parachute animation performance to reduce hitching and frame drops.
  • Improved performance by optimizing logic related to the Special Care Package status.

Custom Matches

  • Taego
    • Taego’s exclusive weather setting has been added.
    • Taego’s new items have been added to the spawn tab.
    • Normal Match → Normal Mode as default.
  • Spawn Options
    • Quad
    • Self-AED
    • Lynx AMR
    • K2
    • MK12
    • Quad
    • Pony Coupe
  • Added to Sandbox Mode (Exclusive to PUBG Partners)

New Feature: Team Emotes

  • The organizer can use the emotes alone.
  • When teammates join the team emote, the emote begins at the same time instead of participating mid-emote.
  • Activate the emote using the emote wheel or shortcut key and then activate the standby action.
    • Teammates can join during standby.
  • Use the emote wheel, interaction key, or shortcut key to start and then activate the emote action. When alone, only your character plays the emote.
    • When teammates participate, the same emote action is activated.
    • Available while in the lobby and during matches.
  • Since there is no standby action in the Store and Pass Preview, only the emote action is activated.

Chat System Update: Whispers

  • You can send whispers to anyone on your friends list, as long as they’re online.
  • While in a match, you can view whispers from friends but only respond with selectable preset responses.
    • Press Enter to open the chat while in a match.
    • You can choose to hide Whispers while in-game.
  • Available in Normal, Ranked, Training Arcade, and Custom Matches.
  • Actions that have been assigned to the existing Enter key will no longer be attached to a key.
    • Go to Settings → Key Binding to bind to another key.
  • Messages cannot be accessed in Custom Match Esports Mode.
  • During the game loading period, some may not be received.

UI/UX Improvements

  • Observer Features
    • Player Stats UI has been improved.
      • Title is now categorized by stats.
      • Changed the order of ranking and value.
    • Name Layout UI
      • Added effect when looting healing and boost items.
      • Added vertical line between the primary and secondary weapons.
    • Damage Indicator UI
      • Added effect to the first damage indicator.
      • Increased range of the affected area.
    • Top 4 UI height was adjusted.
    • Added effect when Stun Grenades are used by a player while watching in spectator mode.
    • Improved the HUD.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Social Features
    • When a PUBG friend joins the game, you’ll receive a notification through the chat window.
      • You can receive notifications both in the lobby and during matches, and you can turn these notifications on or off.
    • If you receive a notification during the match, you can send a whisper by choosing from the presets.
  • Settings
    • Added images to assist with selecting brightness settings.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue when playing would be placed in the wrong side of a vehicle when entering while ADS.
  • Fixed the issue where the player perspective was FPP while parachuting from the Emergency Pickup in FPP mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the rear seat player’s view is blocked in the roadster motorcycle if the driver was wearing a LV. 3 backpack skin in FPP mode.
  • Fixed the awkward graphical issue with the R1895.
  • Fixed the issue where the recoil animation was lower than intended when firing R1895 in ADS mode.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the magazine mode when attaching an Extended Quick Draw Magazine to the P18C.
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s footsteps, vaulting, and climbing sound effects sounded different depending on the location of another player at a distance.
  • Fixed an issue where the Adrenaline Syringe is used first even when there are other boost items, if there is an Adrenaline Syringe in the inventory when using the auto boost hotkey.
  • Fixed an issue where the smoke from a damaged BRDM had a sharp edge in FPP.
  • Fixed an issue where the lobby Reconnect button wouldn’t work after certain bans had been overturned.
  • Fixed the issue where the instant volume reducer didn’t work for the Lobby Ball and Emotes.
  • Fixed a clipping with the Contraband Crate preview when the progressive skin is at maximum level.
  • Fixed an issue where the lobby intermittently restarted and characters were not displayed.
  • Fixed the issue where the character’s camera direction wouldn’t change when the character bumps into an object during walking or running.
  • Fixed an issue where the character would float up into the air when performing certain movements on the Lobby Ball.
  • Fixed an issue where custom spawn kits could not be displayed in TDM when the map hotkey was set to hold.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera shifted backward when using a healing or boost item in the back seat of the Buggy.
  • Fixed an issue where the skin preview is set to ‘hide’ when previewing PCS4 Crash Test Emote & Coupon Bundle in the Store.
  • Fixed an issue where the character’s arm was displayed strangely when changing the firing mode of the PP19 Bizon gun from the back seat of a motorcycle or scooter.
  • Fixed an issue where SMGs could be used in the driver’s seat of motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs.
  • Fixed an issue where a player could be teleported to a different location, related to a destroyed Motor Glider.
  • Fixed an issue where the firing volume during the game’s waiting time in Training Mode was lower than the firing volume after the waiting time.


  • Fixed an issue where the on-screen key guide displayed in the replay is awkward when using a controller on PC.
  • Fixed an issue where the same notification was displayed repeatedly when acquiring a medal of the same tier in Mastery.
  • Fixed an issue where the BattleStat module was displaying numbers exceeding the maximum limit.
  • Fixed an issue where stats weren’t updated properly when quickly navigating through modes in the Stats screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Korean input was possible in the title when creating a custom match for the first time, but not possible from the second attempt.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles were not visible when previewing vehicle skins in the shop after launching the game for the first time.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chicken Dinner Medals had incorrect explanations.
  • Fixed an issue where a console icon was displayed in front of the nickname in the system message when receiving or rejecting a friend request.
  • Fixed an issue where, after a party invitation, if a party member entered a match without accepting it, the player who accepted it would not be able to cancel matchmaking.

Items & Skins

  • Fixed an issue where the chest area had visual clipping when wearing the PGI.S Tactical Vest and the basic LV.2,3 vest after equipping the Battle Bunny Outfit.
  • Fixed the clipping issue when equipping Duncan’s Infiltrator Helmet – (Level 1) and Wooden Puppet Mask together.
  • Fixed the clipping issue when a female character equips the shirt, necktie, and most kinds of skirts.
  • Fixed the clipping issue on the wrist for female characters and in the stomach area for male characters, when equipping any type of Handwraps with a long-sleeve t-shirt.
  • Fixed a clipping issue when wearing a vest while wearing a form-fitting dress.